Equalization not lasting question

I have been doing very well at first. I was able to reduce my lenses and remove the astigmatism I have. I am now working on equalization. I can see clearly with OD -5.25 and OS -4.50. OD is my dominant eye. I can see very clearly with the OS at -4.50 but when I reduce the OD .25 my vision in that eye just stays blurry. I think the problem is that my left eye is doing all the work and takes over when the right is blurry. So keeping the left eye the same and just working on the right eye doesn’t seem to be working. My new plan is to reduce both at the same time rather than favour one over the other. I have tried patching and the other things in the End myopia course but I am a little stuck.

Can anybody provide some insight on how to handle this?


If you follow the official back to 20/20 program, click on Support link in the second row between course list and Log tool (not on the Le Meow Forum in the first row of links) and write your question there. Jake will get back to you within 24 hours typically. Include your cm measurements and the reductions you made so far and then your question - that helps his reply and can cut out one round of back and forth.


Here in the forum you will get personal opinions only from fellow EMers.
So here is my opinion:
Dropping from both may trigger both eyes. That would be the best case scenario.
If that doesn’t work: My weaker eye doesn’t like patching either but reacts well to this technique. I only do this for short times at a time and can feel the difference after a few days. I actually feel when the non-dominant eye finally decides to join in.

I like to close the eye that is seeing less clear to remember what clear should look like. I always felt the weaker eye pop back to some clarity. Opposite of patching but I couldnt seem to get that eye to look for clear when i first started

Thank you both for your reply. I did send to Make as well but got no reply. I did what you recommended and have been able to decrease diopters in the right eye.

It seems when I close my left eye and look at my page of text without glasses that I see more ghosting on the letters. When I open my left eye and block it so that only the right eye can sees the text, the ghosting goes away. I can then AF better in my right eye with clearer text as my distance increases. I think having both eyes open and involved has done the trick for me.

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