Equalize first or reduce astigmatism first? Tricky situation

Hi guys,

I read on EM wiki that we should equalize before getting to -1.5D and I just have four reductions till I reach that point including the reduction where I equalize. But I can’t seem to figure out when to deal with astigmatism.
Right now I decided to equalize first and then deal with astigmatism. Moreover I can’t deal with astigmatism right away before I’m getting my first normalised and Jake advices to get one or two sph reductions before tweaking cyl.

I have thoroughly researched the blog, forum, wiki, YouTube and the podcasts. Couldn’t seem to find my answer. Please let me know if I have broken any rules of asking diopter specific reductions or else. I’ll delete the post myself.

It sounds like you did not start out with high diopters of myopia, and there might simply not be enough ‘room’ for you to do all the steps in the order of the recommendations. It is really up to you to make a decision on this, and my opinion (but not advice) is that I don’t think it will make a very big difference which one you do first. It also depends on how much astigmatism you have. If it is a lot, that will change the picture.

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Yes, I’m a little of above low myopia. And just -1.0D of astigmatism. Even I was thinking the same, it wouldn’t matter which to tweak first infact if I’m going to reduce very minimally and making sure that I feel comfortable with the prescriptions. After all that, don’t think it would matter much.

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That sounds very sensible. With small changes you are hardly likely to go too far wrong. Only your eyes can tell you if you have made the right decision.

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