Equalizing 27years old with no history of lazy eye

Started my journey a few days ago. Before this, i read up about endmyopia for weeks and have practised many good habits so that I would not get cil spasm from using screens or closeup work

I have a high myopia of -8.25L and -8.0R but they only differ by -25 diopters so i decided to reduce by -0.75L and -0.50R for respectively.

Using a 3m Snellen chart, The result was that my right eye seems extremely clear seeing 20/20 and below and left eye is just about 20/30 which means it is slightly blurry.

I would like to draw from the vast experiences here,
is it normal to feel like the weaker eye is working more? or some sort of a slight strain?
will this strain cause any forms of lazy eye etc?

Welcome to the forum.

In my experience the ‘weaker eye’ works with slow but steady improvements and the other eye is the enthusiastic monkey jumping ahead but then also getting the hits from a bad day or less lights more.

If this is your first reduction, pushing for equalising, too, at the same time may be a bit too much. Could work, but if doesn’t improve with time consider going back to an equal drop from both eyes.
The lenses are scaled by 0.25D but your eyes may not be at exactly 0.25D apart. It is possible that the left is more around -8.35D rounded down to -8.25D and the right is at -7.8D rounded up to -8.0D and after the drop you feel this difference more. But as said, a drop combined with equalising in first step can be a challenge in itself.
Keep measuring the cms and on the Snellen with different distances and lights at different times of the day. You may find that the difference only shows at daylight when your eyes are still fresh (monkey eye jumping ahead to more clarity) or that the difference shows more in the evening at artificial lights (the ‘weaker eye’ gets more tired by the end of the day)

The first reductions are all about learning and adjusting. Good luck.


Hi thank you very much for the reply.

I have made the changes to increase the prescription on my left, is it possible to make improvements and make reductions within a month?

Short answer:
Yes it is.

Longer answer:
Everything depends on your good AND bad habits, your eyes, how consistent you are, the lights and the circumstances. And also on what you call improvements and reductions.

I agree with @BiancaK. I reduced too aggressively at the start and equalized at the same time. I’ve had strain and even pain in my weaker eye, and I think it’s from chronic tension building up. It gets worse for close-up work. Recently I went back to an old unequalized pair of glasses and very soon I felt the weaker eye start to release tension. So I’d say take it one thing at a time and give each change a few months to get used to. Equalization takes work to achieve, such as patching and print pushing.