Equalizing despite astigmatism

the recommendation is to wait with equalizing until you finished with astigmatism.
that said, did anyone successfully do equalizing despite having astigmatism?
is it possible?

I have not fully equalized yet but I used my astigmatism to equalize. Instead of holding my right eye back while dropping the left I did a dioptor drop on the left and a .25 cyl reduction on the right. I only had .50 cyl so not a lot but it was noticable on the astigmatism wheel and when I dropped it out of my lense. So it gives me a bit of blur challenge in both eyes. Only trouble is my cyl correction usually is resolved faster than my left eye dioptor correction can keep up.
So far I am working with a .25 difference and hope to continue to engage the left eye enough to be ready for another dioptor drop in both eyes in 3 months. My original plan was diverted because I had trouble with a lense and resolved by dropping the right eye before I had planned. I was working on equalizing at 1.5 but now I will be doing it at 1.25 That just proves to be the case that it is uncertain how the eyes will respond.


I dropped sphere and cylinder in one eye to equalize.

I will say it’s going slower than I like but it’s possible.

I do a metric buttload of patching, but I would have done it with or without dropping cylinder.

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This happened with me early in EM but quite by accident. First diffs had a high cyl/sph ratio and produced horrible vision. Borrowed some equalized -3.00’s to use as temporarys and found them to be almost perfect for close work, so stuck with them. They are now my normalized. The LE feels like it could use an extra -0.25 right now but I’m clinging hard to that equalization. RE can wait while lefty catches up.

Starting point:
LE -4.50/-2.00
RE -3.50/-2.50

Believe the equalization worked in this case because the LE was massively over-prescribed and the opto had been a little too cyl-happy in both eyes.

Only notice the directional blur at night with traffic lights. Can still measure cyl but it is currently around -.50 in both eyes.


You sir are my beacon of hope.

wow. it is a massive reduction, 1 hole diopter, for the weal eye, and you say eventualy it worked out

This Steiner fellow just might be onto something.

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The -3.00’s are almost good enough for night driving now. Hard to believe they were my first true diffs just one year ago. Miles left to go!


So it should be ok to equalize if I have no CYL correction in my normalized, even though I do still have some astigmatism ? Or should I first completely resolve all astigmatism before I do an equalization?

I did them with cylinder remaining, but still feel the non-dominant eye lags. But overall I’m more comfortable than ever, and making progress.

Although cylinder is a bugaboo.


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You’ll have to play with it and see how your eyes feel. Just an opinion but I suspect the last few quarter diopters of cyl will take time to resolve, just like with sph. Don’t see why it would hurt to attempt an equalization if you’re already pretty close yet still have a little cyl.


I think it’s best to wait for astigmatism to be corrected

Thanks for all the input.
Though I have some mild astigmatism, I found I can go without CYL correction and it doesn’t bother me too much. I don’t know if I should first isolate and resolve the low astigmatism, and whether it could be done in a reasonable amount of time, or maybe it will resolve itself gradually as I reduce the myopia.
I don’t want to put off equalization for too long - I imagine it would be more difficult to equalize as you get into the lower myopia because the percentage of a quarter diopter in relation to the total correction amount goes up. (I’m around -2/-1.75 SPH right now)
Has anyone had experience equalizing in low myopia (-1 or under)?
I’m curious why Jake makes this suggestion about equalization. Is there something about having astigmatism/CYL that makes it more problematic to equalize, or is it because equalizing SPH ratio is considered the most difficult task and so is saved for last?

For me, the cylinder aberration makes it hard to measure my actual acuity.

I think it’s also a lot easier to reduce sphere, particularly bilaterally.

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it’s really interesting question, if we can equalize when being the twilight zone, - after getting used to going without cyl correction and before astigmatism gone away completely. I can totally get the urgency to equlize as sooner as possible.

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