Equalizing Question

I’m not there yet, but probably will be in the Summer…

Ready to equalize, that is.

There are times even now, when my left eye doesn’t see as well as the right (the right is using a 0.25D stronger lens, so that’s a sign I’m getting closer to both eyes being more similar).

The question: People have had best results doing regular reductions on only differential or normalized…not both in the same week or even month. Ok, I get that.

On the contrary, it sounds like equalizing is a special case where you want to change both pairs at once so you don’t get screwed up with different focal planes.

Am I understanding it right? Best to change both pairs at the same time when equalizing? Just wanted to double check.

And a follow up question, assuming I have the above right…

Is it ok if the full prescription glasses, for night driving, still retain the previous diopter difference from before the equalization protocol was implemented? Seems to me, the stronger lenses with the previous diopter ratio might still be needed for night driving for a period of time after starting an equalization.


Yes, you are right, see Jake’s answer ( it’s in the comments below!) in this specific case here:

Concerning the glasses for night driving I’m not sure, what about contacts?