Erik: -3.00 to -0.50 diopter progress (video chat)

New video out …


Good for Erik. I’m very much in favor of the slow and steady approach.


Had commented on the video yesterday, but the comment was not published. Thought maybe it was the # and timestamps used in the comment. @AznDudeIsOn don’t see you there. Are you facing any issue with the timestamps?

Comment on the active focus video was published at the same time yesterday.

Caught YouTube publishing and deleting the comment within a few seconds.

@jakey 1.2k views, around 20 comments and a gap of 13 hours between yesterday and today’s published comments. Normal?

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I’m not in favour of it, but have no choice :wink:

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EDIT: Got my timestamps posted here, hopefully it doesn’t get deleted by YT. Editing my comment for sure deletes it at this moment so I’m going to refrain from further editing it.
84% Better Eyesight! Erik's -3.00 To -0.50 D Progress | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube

Sort of. When I went to check, my timestamps comment was there. I changed the format a bit though because I wanted to include Jake’s blurb. So that’s probably why you couldn’t find it on first glance.

However, just now,. I wanted to add this triangle thingy ▼ and when I edited it, my comment did end up getting deleted. So perhaps timestamps are being filtered out. I think the more likely answer though is the editing I did just now and trying to repost the timestamps got flagged by Youtube’s algorithm as spammy behavior. so I probably just have to chill out a bit before posting again. I might also have to be wary of posting links or triggers. I imagine “Click” might be a trigger.
I believe you’re quite active in the comments section as well so likely the same thing is happening to you as well.

There is no cure for myopia. Myopia is not an illness or disease. Real question, can you reverse your dependence on minus lenses? Maybe! Don’t ask how though here in the comments, but go to and prepare for a bit of digging and learning.

Timestamp Click▼
0:00 How Erik’s vision journey went (Angie Hepp)
2:24 How long Erik’s been wearing his current glasses.
3:26 Erik’s room
3:56 How Jake felt while sick
4:33 Stand out moments during Erik’s journey
5:44 Erik’s hobbies and lifestyle
7:40 How -3 feels
The difference between -.25 and no glasses
8:40 Buying glasses from Zenni
10:07 What’s it like sharing to friends about vision improvement
11:55 How Erik equalized
12:56 miscellaneous remarks
15:52 Jake’s thoughts on using Plus lens
18:32 Reiterating where Erik is at in his journey and how he uses his glasses
20:09 Closing Remarks

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I have no idea, to be honest. Should I look into making you some kind of account access to the channel? I never look at any of the stats pretty much. :joy:


Ok I sent you an invite to your gmail.

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