Esther's video on reversing astigmatism

I was going off tangent in the following thread, so decided to create a new topic here instead:

Yes I viewed this video a couple of weeks ago and found it interesting too, particularly the part saying that a minus cylinder along a roughly-horizontal axis suggests that the medial & lateral rectus muscles are getting more workout than the other extraocular muscles.

This seems to be based on or related to Elliott Forrest’s theory/work, but I haven’t read enough of the literature to have a considered opinion on this. I would love to hear what more knowledgeable folks in this EM forum think about this.

In particular, if my minus cylinder’s axis is indeed horizontal, am I (1) gazing left-right too much, or (2) gazing up-down too little? The video seems to suggest the former (i.e., that I should instead move my head left-right when reading a looong tine of text, instead of keeping my neck stiff), but if I do that, aren’t I then limiting the use of my peripheral vision, which is also bad??