Even the minimum helps

So, when I first discovered endmyopia, I started the whole kit and caboodle but freaked out when I started seeing little sparkles in my left eye. At that point, I decided to wait on any heavy “eye training” until I got my other health issues better moderated and the sparkles got better… just to be abundantly sure of what was happening. My diopters were -3 L and -2.5 R. (Of course I went to be seen to verify that the sparkles were ok.)

At that point I went forward by keeping the reduced computer glasses that Jake explained in his emails, because they REALLY helped reduce my eye pain when looking at the computer at work, and I also didn’t use glasses when reading a book because I didn’t need them, and I didn’t do anything else. I didn’t do the active focus, and didn’t do a reduced regular Rx, and I didn’t go to nature for 2 hrs a day.

3 months later, I’m down a quarter diopter in both eyes— by my own measurements. My optometrist reduced my left eye by a quarter and kept my right eye the same.
All I’m saying is, some gains, and at least in the left eye, some verified gain.

When I feel confident enough to jump on the real eye training, I’m sure it will be the same dramatic shifts that you all see. But I just wanted to show y’all that even a minimal shift in close-up lens can do something!



of course - at the start you get gains just by using weaker glasses, as your ciliary muscle spasm clears up - happens to everybody. Then you stop improving until you can master the active focus with slight blur/not leaning in to screen / not doing too much close-up relative to distance vision things