Experiencing eye soreness?

Hi there,
So im a full time student and work 30 hrs a weeks ontop of school so im always on a screen unfortunately.
Heres the deal:
My last optometry check up raised my prescription to -4.50. I was - 4.25 prior.
I also asked for computer glasses and she gave me - 3.50.
So i stuck with my - 4.25 for normalized since apparently i need - 4.50 now… And started using my - 3.50 for computer use.
I noticed my eyes felt strained using the - 3.50 and i would forget to take them off when walking around cause i could see okay through the house just not far away… I decided to order a -2.50 and that helped with the strain it seemed but then recently i was studying for my exam and was sitting slightly further away from the screen than normal and noticed my eyes felt really sore. So i thought i was over doing it maybe with too weak of a differential? Idk. I swiched back to my normalized cause i didnt have my - 3.50 with me and so im kind of worried… Cause i feel very dizzy now. And my eyes are still sore.
Might anyone know what i should do to get rid of the soreness and or anything else i can do?

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I do get tired eyes, a sense of soreness, from excessive computer use, regardless of what prescription I use. The soreness tends to be less prevalent the stronger my glasses in, but the stronger my glasses gets generally rather than soreness, what I will feel is tightness. In general I think the soreness I feel is better than the tightness.

The main goal of differentials is to prevent your vision from getting worse. I think maximizing comfort is ideal. Finding the sweet spot of as close to ergonomic as possible with the right diffs for the distance.
I don’t think theres too much you can do here other than reconsider how you’re spending time when you are not a student/graphic designer.

Resting goes a long way. F.Lux goes a long way (which may not be feasible for you since color is probably important for graphic designer). No screen usage after sundown (which may not be feasible for you). Not looking at screens first thing upon waking up (at least 20 min?).


Ive never heard of F. Lux before, what is that?
Ans yeah i try to avoid going on my phone when i wake up… It is hard.

F.lux is a software that changes the color scheme of the computer towards less blue and more red/orange when the sunsets, and resets to normal colors at sunrise. It’s mostly great sleep and “natural” hormonal balance, has to do with how our circadian clock puts other organs in sync with its rhythm, and the way it does that involves estimating when sunrise/sunset is. And some people find that it produces less eye strain as well.

Once you regain that awareness you will feel dizzy when over prescribed for the task, Adjust your position so you can use your diffs or locate the other stronger ones, but don’t use your normz for close up (like the number one rule of the method…)
If you aren’t already doing some version of this: 20-20-20 rule - EndMyopia Wiki I would recommend you start.
For the soreness try a warm compress, that should provide relief.
A few more tips to tailor to your situation as much as possible: I HAVE to be on the screen, are my eyes (and/or my kid's eyes) doomed? - YouTube plus I add stuff to my descriptions frequently so maybe skim them and the rest of my channel for things that might be of use to you… Best Wishes

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