Eye doctor asked why I have two glasses

So, story time!

I just went to the eye hospital because of this mild pinkness in my eye leading to some stingy sensations and general discomfort. It didn’t go away after a week so I decided to go to the eye doctor.

After some eye diagnosis, she asked why I have two glasses upon noticing them. I said one was for distance and one was for close-up.

She asked, ‘Who told you to do that?’

I answered, ‘Oh, it was from my own research.’

She then went on to say,’ Well, in the medical world, there is no such thing. This two-glasses thing is only for those ages 40 above.’

I explained that it was to prevent my myopia from progressing, but she said that there are ‘myopia control’ lenses for that.

I showed her my old prescription from a year ago and told her that I have reduced my myopia and still continue to do so gradually. She said that was okay but emphasised that it is my differential prescription that concerns her.

She was pretty chill, though. She thought I was attending medical school from all the terms I’m using, heh. And when I clarified that I just graduated high school, she said that I may be ‘too smart’ to trust her because I do so much research. So, she didn’t want to debate with me and whatever I’m doing to my eyes with these Endmyopian do-hickeys is all resting on my very shoulders.

I did ask if she believed if myopia was reversible. She said, ‘Well, only yours. If not, we would go out of business.’

Quite an interesting stance. Almost ‘believe what you believe’ even though the evidence that I have reversed my myopia was right there in front of her very eyes.

I did say, with a smile, ‘Okay, I’ll return when I’m minus one.’ (I’m about minus 2.50 now)




“Only yours”. And then you come to the forum and you realise you are not alone at all :smiley:


haha, funny story


:rofl: Only yours and a massive number of people around the world doing EM :sweat_smile: Thanks for sharing that was fun lol

Do make sure you talk to the same one :wink:


I’m curious if those would speed up progress for EM’ers. Having normalized with a bunch of myopic defocus in the periphery might send strong signals to the part of the brain responsible for emmetropization.

I’d guess the kids who get prescribed those myopia-control lenses still view their phones from 30 cm away through the minus part of of the lens, and therefore still get lots of cilliary spasm along with peripheral myopic defocus. So I think they don’t do nearly as well as they could if they also practiced good habits. The lenses are being sold to “halt myopia progression” instead of reversing the myopia or achieving “myopia regression”. The kids probably keep all their old bad habits but the myopia-control lenses keep them from becoming myopic as fast as they otherwise would.

I have no idea how much they cost, I don’t think they’re even available in the USA, but if you can get some to experiment with it where you are would be fascinating. It would be interesting to see if they “do anything” for someone who uses them intelligently.


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That’s quite the statement to make, without suddenly becoming self aware. :joy:


Wow :astonished: that’s awesome man :+1:

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