😂 Eye Doctor: "Myopia, Mysterious Genetic Condition"

Off-Topic Funnies.

So you know when you ask to join the endmyopia Facebook group, there are three join questions to answer first?

They’re now multiple choice, used mainly by me to try to pre-filter plz-bros. And this one from today really, couldn’t make this one up.

Some “eye doctors” page looking to join our Facebook group.

Check out how they answer, “what causes myopia” …:


So…should we call you Al?

(Obscure Paul Simon reference)


No, SERIOUSLY - so many people write ‘Mysterious Genetic Condition’ when trying to join. Did someone write a false bunch of answers somewhere that people copy and paste or something??


I wonder if that’s in the materials Jake put together.

I’ve seen studies where people have been misled then corrected. They tend to defend the misinformation more than people who got the right information the first time around.


Eye Doc used his experience :grinning:

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at least the optometrist that my insurance sent me to told me that the reduced correction is good for stimulating vision improvement lolol


I have to admit, when I first joined the facebook group, the little devil :smiling_imp: part of me wanted to answer Al Capone also. Since, I was in a playful mood at the time.

I was concerend however, that I wouldnt be let in so I answered correctly. :innocent: And I wanted to be taken seriously.


I think they genuinely don’t know who created it. I don’t think they are bothered.

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The answers are multiple choice.

For a long time the options were either Jack Steiner or Jake Steiner.

Till the amount of people consistently picking ‘Jack’ made me question who I really am, and then changed it to Al. Open to other name ideas as well. :smiley:


I suggest Isaac Newton. He did a lot with optics in the 16th century.

It would be poetic to get that as a wrong answer.


Haaaaaaa! :joy:

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Okay, here are a few options for fun:

  1. Johnny Nash
    (I Can See Clearly Now)

  2. Daryl Hall & John Oats
    (Private Eyes)

  3. Van Morrison
    (Brown Eyed Girl)

  4. The Police
    (Every Breath You Take … Chorus: I’ll Be Watching You!")

  5. The Guess Who
    (These Eyes)

  6. Survivor Band
    (Eye of the Tiger)

  7. The Flamingoes
    (I Only Have Eyes for You)

  8. Roberta Flack
    (The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)

That’s a good one.


Johannes Kepler? He said close-up gave him myopia, or so the tale goes. Along with figuring out that lenses can correct it.

Back in the 1600’s …

Luckily we don’t live in THOSE dark ages anymore, ehhhh? :wink: