Eye dominance with relation to active focus

When there is a noticeable difference in diopter in both eyes, the one with lower diopter tends to dominate over the other. [I have observed this while doing centimetre measurements that i would be able to see one side of my nose. Thus, I feel that one eye is dominant over the other.]
So, when ever i move a centimetre away from my blur horizon, trying to focus, the same case appears. {that my right eye starts to water but not my left eye}.
Does this kind of dominance cause an effect on practising active focus? If yes, in what manner?
Kindly share your experience in case you have come across such a situation. Also, if you have a solution please suggest.

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Jake has a couple of videos on ocular dominance.


It seems to be a basic feature of being human like being right-handed or left-handed. If they’re close (within half a diopter) you probably want to put the same amount of correction in front of both eyes. If one eye is say -5D and the other is -2D then that won’t work, obviously.

Thanks for your help.

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