Eye exercises to look good

Unrelated (?) to vision.

Eye exercises for a certain aesthetic look. Less eyebags and less forehead wrinkles. The earlier part of the video has an exercise related to do with less cheek muscle sagging, and the beginning of the video is about a warmup for the face, seems useful for those with tight facial muscles… Later (at 28:01) there’s a short bit about mouth corner sagging which will likely be familiar for you guys that are familiar with mewing.


I mean … :thinking:

Anything you post I’m going to by default agree has merit. :grimacing: Does this mean I can fix my face??!?!


Far too late for the aesthetics at my age, but I would not be surprised if the exercises are good for vision as well. Drooping upper eyelids are not good news for vision. In other words, don’t let the forehead muscles do the work of the muscles in the eyelids. I will add that one to my eye exercises.

As for mouth position - a fair bit of benefit to be had here for mental attitude, as well as for how others respond to you. Norbekov insists that all vision work should be done with a smile.


I do face yoga and mewing for a while, not because of the eyes just the age. :wink:
now I try to make a happy face whenever I think of it - at least people smile back at me :sweat_smile:


maybe @jakey could do a podcast episode with mike mew. there are a lot of similarities in both methods (natural health improvement, unconventional, not-that-marketable, not a quick fix…list goes on) :thinking:

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Hard part is to get on the shows. Helps a lot to nudge the hosts with messages and requests. :slight_smile:


@jakey I´ve contacted Mike and his father John Mew in their facebook group (private group, called cranciofacial action group).
That´s what I wrote, hope I did explain everything correctly :wink:
Maybe not that interesting for you, but just for the record.
And I did get an answer :partying_face: (further down below)

John Mew
Mike Mew
I really like your approach to natural health improvement, concerning teeth and the facial structures, by having the right (tongue) posture. I´m still quite new to mewing, but already really fascinated. 🙂

I´m writing you because I thought you might be interested in connecting with Jake Steiner, he is into another health improvement topic - reversing myopia.

I thought that both of your approaches have a lot in common (natural health improvement, very unconventional, not a quick fix…) and wondered whether you would be interested to get in touch with each other.

(In short: myopia isn´t genetic but starts out as transient, pseudo myopia from focusing too much close-up, which induces a focusing muscle spasm. You have blurry distance vision. Glasses can compensate for this in short-term, by moving the focal plane back further in the eye. On the long run however, the eyes get used to the glasses and react to this external stimulus by elongating (axial elongation). This results in so called lens induced, progressive myopia.

Reversal: By weaning your eyes (in +0.25 diopter-steps) from your glasses combined with avoiding close up-strain people can get back to perfect eyesight again.)

A more in detail-explanation:


Several people have tried to make this method more well-known but unfortunately still very view people do know about it. Jake Steiner really wants to change this. He also has a Facebook group and a YouTube channel.



Jake does podcast episodes with his students himself, and he also has been a guest in several podcasts, for example at Ivor Cummins - The Fat Emperor.


I appreciate your work a lot, and maybe connecting with each other could be something beneficial for both of you.


Here´s what Prof John Mew has answered:
John Mew

Dear Simone

thank you for your suggestion everything you say makes sense and I have shared your opinion for many years. In fact astigmatism is also linked to narrow maxillae for similar reasons.

I did try to set up some research but sadly could find no ophthalmic surgeons who were interested. Now I have run out of time on almost everything. I am preparing three papers on other subjects, but would be happy to support you if you wish. Prof John Mew.


What a great initiative! The connection between astigmatism and narrow maxillae makes sense - I did not have enough jaw space for all my teeth, probably from vitamin D3 and K2 deficiency in utero and in early childhood. My face is not very symmetrical and this has affected my vision as well, with a much weaker left eye.

Sad that he has run out of time for almost everything. I quite often have that feeling as well.


It´s fascinating that for me as a normal person it´s possible to contact him. :sweat_smile: In my normal life I would never have met him.
He is very intelligent and open minded. Obviously this is not a matter of age.
Yes, it´s really sad, what he says about running out of time.