Eye floaters after active focus

I have heard from some EndMyopia students that after active focus they started noticing eye floaters. Is that really because of active focus or lower prescription glasses or is there any other reason behind that because I don’t want to have eyes with eye floaters I want a safe way to reverse my myopia that’s why I’m asking please help.Thank you.

I think becoming hyper aware of our eye sight makes us noticing the floaters more. I don’t have an exact answer but all I can say is my experience, I have been doing EM for a year and a half now and went from -2.75 to now -1.25. I went through a phase of having noticeably more floaters and then it settled down. I barely notice them now. I always had a bit of floaters anyway for as far as i can remember so i decided to opt for maybe more floaters but eventually 20/20 vision. I think that this method is safe as long as you don’t strain your eyes too hard, it is all supposed to give you back control of your eye balls and trusting your own body abilities instead of an optometrist :wink: a lot is happening with this method, action, relaxation, less correction, changes in your eye shape… so maybe the floaters are just part of the moves, but like I said, they are fading now in my case and I hope others can say the same (?) good luck to you :slight_smile:

Someone once told me,Look through the floaters and eat pineapples often.

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