Eye floaters

Been getting more eye floaters. Is it normal to get them as your eyes get better?

They don’t stay. But some days they pop up

@trevor616 I’ve been noticing my floaters more as I reduce myself too. Floaters are normal but not sure if reducing means getting more floaters is a normal thing. Here are some videos for floaters,


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There are claims that DMSO eye drops help with floaters. If you look at the cure for cataracts post on here you’ll see the formula that we are currently using the past few months. I have noticed fewer floaters since I started them, but I mostly stay out of bright light (which is where i notice them the most) and have other issues going on so my experience alone isn’t enough for me to say absolutely they work. I don’t think there’s any harm in trying them though.

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Floaters appear when you subconsciously stop yourself from certain things, basically I’d say lacking the proper reaction that you are supposed to have, feeling numb. Think of a child who stops crying. We became like that when we see those floaters. Eyesight and floaters are two different big aspects and we should deal with them separately, can I say that? Considering our oley Jackey…