Eyes are feeling a little sore

Hey guys, my eyes, mostly right is feeling a little sore. I reduced by 1 diopter in both eyes & can see pretty well. But my eyes are kind of sore now.

I’m trying to relax them so that I can continue practicing, so I put in my old prescription but it’s too strong now & gives me a headache.

Sleeping at night also isn’t great either because both eyes get super dry, mouth too. So I wake up every 2 hours to put in artificial tears (I know, not recommended by Jake, but my eyes get superrrrrr dry)

I went to two docs recently, they said both eyes look normal.
I’m wondering if anybody else has had similar issues?

For the dryness at night have you tried using a humidifier to add moisture to the air?

I have an air moisture monitor that says 45% humidity in the room.

I’ll move my humidifier into the bedroom & see if that has any changes. I typically have been sleeping with an open window for fresher air. (Tokyo apartments are air tight) I live next to a park so there’s tons of trees for oxygen

It’s great your corneas are in a healthy state. Many of us are dealing with dry eyes. Check out some of the posts on the forum.