Eyes switching clarity?

Hi there.

I discovered a strange behavior. Every day, i measure my eyes three times at the same time. The left, then the right and at last both. Somethimes i start with the right eye. My right eye is the dominant one. But since a few days it seems that the left i provides the sharper image if i measure the distance with both.
Or in the evening when i watch TV, my right eye is definitely the better one. When i looking at something in my hands (i noticed this often on my teacup), suddenly i see this better with the left one.

Is anyone experience something simlar or knows whats going on?

Background: left eye -1,5, cylinder 0 / right eye 1,25 cylinder 0,25. The glasses the same with 0,25 diopters less per eye.

Hello MaK,

Since January 1st I have been taking centimeter measurements much like you report – right, left and both, morning and evening in a windowless room (i.e. repeatable lighting setup). For the first two months cm measurements for my right eye lagged about 3-6 cm behind the left (dominant) and as expected the “both” msmt. was ahead of the left by a few cm. The snellen acuity confirmed the differences. I tried every compensation I could think of (patching and experimenting with a trial lens kit). I think I need not have bothered doing that because in March (3rd month) the “weaker” i.e. lower-cm eye suddenly gave the same msmt as, or even jumped “ahead” of the “stronger” one once or twice a week – and that happened both am and pm. For the last few weeks the non-dominant has been “ahead” most days of the week. These differences or dynamics of cm msmt’s are confirmed by snellen chart checks. My normalized is about -2.50 right and left.

I consider this to be the normal dynamics of healing i.e. most systemic recovery jumps ahead two steps, jumps back one, stands still for one or more periods when apparently nothing is happening, etc.

At last someone with similar experience!
My left eye is usually better in the morning and my right eyes are usually better in the evening. Sometimes it means that my right eye stay the same and my left gets worse, but sometimes it means that left eye stay the same and the right gets better during the day. But they definitely switch which one is the better.

Also I realized that my left eye accommodates better to low light conditions than my right. So for example I see 20/30 with both of them in normal / bright light, but in low light my left eye gets 20/40 and my right 20/50.

I think it is a good sign that your eyes are alternating which one sees more clearly.
It allows one eye to rest when under strain (other eye takes over) and vice-versa.

I have been working on equalizing, and did it too quickly until i reached a point where my eye stopped alternating in this manner, and then progress slowed down to a halt.

Recently i added back some correction for the weaker eye and the eyes started alternating again.
Careful when messing with equalization.

Interesting answers
Apparently, I haven’t made myself clear :sweat_smile:

In fact my right eye is everytime the stronger one (according to measurements). But youre rindings are god to hear because i noticed that the left one make noticeable better progress.
What i initially meant is that the left eye sometimes feels stronger if i use both. Mostly in contrast to different distances. As for my example: Looking at TV - the right eye feels to make the clearer image. Looking at my teacup (in my hand) - the left eye is the better one.

But thats seems like to be the same mechanisms as in youre expiriences.

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