Eyesight between family gEnEtiC dIsOrdEEr

Ok so you might remember me.I have something to share.Me AND my older sister went to the optometrist one day.Then we both got glasses.I wore my glasses because i was only 9 and I figured wearing glasses would fix them like braces and I trusted them.On the other hand my Older sister was like I AM NOT GOING TO WEAR THESE.And never wore them.I remember whenever i tried her glasses on they felt more heavy while mine were lighter.That meant her prescreption was more than mine.But because she didn’t wear her glasses she easily went back to 20/20.My dad even thought she was faking :rofl: But while she was ok My prescrption changed every single year.
5 years later I was at -5.25 OS and -5.75 OD and my sister…Nothing. Man I really regret not doing hat my sister did. So if it was a genetic disorder then why did my sister not wear her glasses and got better and I wear mine and my vision gets worse.And now Im the only one in my family with myopia.And recently I have been seeing little shooting stars in my vision (not a good sign)

Is making your child not wear their first glasses helpful or not?


No idea. I was using either no correction or “differentials” before I found EndMyopia. But, I now have -10.5 glasses and -9 contacts. I am 17.5 y/o.

Alright maybe this case is just diffrent

Perhaps she had myopia about -1 or so. I had about -1.75 at 5, but I got -1.25 first glasses (20/30 instead of 20/20-20/10). Different genes and age of onset, different lifestyle, different habits and circumstances…

My advice is that you stop thinking a lot about myopia (or other diseases/illnesses) and do what is both pleasant and beneficial (to exclude things like lots of gaming and many other destructive actions/activities) for you. Keep in mind that seeking illnesses in myself ruined my life a lot at the age like yours.

Thank you in the name of many forum readers for this interesting story and discovery, as well.

Alright i will try to just limit visiting and posting to once.Maybe on Fridays.

Im on only because im bored and grounded.