Eyesight improvement through physicaltraining


My name is Julien.
Im 28 years old and i try since im about 18 years to get away from a Myopia State of needing glasses to see.

I want to share my experiences that i gathered over the years.

I tried it in a very much dangerous manner to restore my eyesight.
I had about - 3,75 Diopter and i think i still need glasses.

I want to share something i found out which i believe can be helpful for all of you who want to regain there normal eyesight.

I figured out that with a certained physical training the muscles of the body and the muscles which are connected can be positivly influenced and directly helped.

In my own experience i believe that in a Myopìc State there is a over developed physical state of the Body to a Right to Left Ratio.
By that i mean that the entire right side of the body is overdeveloped and to tense in his musclesuite and at the same time the entire left side of the body is underdeveloped and the muscles are way to weak.

What i mean by entire muscles of the body is for example.
For the right side the right neck, the right arm, the right back, the right leg, the front side of the body. Just the entire muscle build seems to be affected out of my own view and experienced feeling.

With that feeling i created a theory that if you can train up the left side of the body that this can help by the improvement of the musclesuite of the body and the eyes/eyesight.

I feel like the left neck and the entire left backside of the body with the deeper underlyieng muscles are most important.
By that said in my own feeling and experience over the years it feels like the entire back expecially the underside of the back with the “Core” Muscles and the muscles next to the spine and expecially the deep “Wing” Muscles are most influenced and way to tensed up.

By that understanding i suggest the following physical training:

  • A training that focuses mainly on building up the entire left side of the body from the feet up to the neck muscles.

  • Training that focuses expecially on the neck muscles and back muscles.
    For the Back the entire coremuscles and deeper wingmuscles are most important in my view.

A trainingmethod that i used with a own very good feeling which helped me to increase my breathing and my eyesight/ in my experience of it.

A training i like and do is:

  • I grab a 5 Liter plasticbottle with a good grib and kind of play around with it using it somewhat like a cattlebell.
    To push the bottle over my head up with one arm ( left arm/left side favoured) in the air then letting it slide down the back.
    While i do that i try to feel the muscles of the back and the neck to be targeted.

Than i play with my left arm and the bottle in different motions. Sometimes im pushing it just to the left side or sometimes im lifting it up from the lower site of my body in the front side like a weight tryieng to feel the back.

Or i turn completly to the left side looking thereby to my behind pretty way turned and try to hold the bottle behind my back and then letting it get a bit down then up again.
If i do that i can feel deep wing muscles that feel like a big piece of waterymeat getting tensed and trained.
Expecially that move makes me feel much relief in my body.

I do this for the right side aswell, just in a lower ratio.

To play around with the weight in a childish manner tryieng to feel the muscles without forcing movements that feel to painful are for me most beneficial and safe.

I believe that it is very much important to not try to force something on yourself which feels to painful.
Rather to go slow and cautios about it then going fast and hurting yourself.

Another little training i like to do to feel my neck build up is the following:

  • I turn my head to the leftside looking as far as i can to the left, down to the backside of my leftfoot. / without hurting myself.
    Then i go slowly up with my eyes and head looking as far as i can to the left the entire time letting the view/look slide from down up to the air and then down again and up again.
    I do it a few times just like i feel comftable with it.

Afterwards i feel my left neck nicely trained and the muscles pumped in it and the eyes feel very good streched and trained at the same time.

I do the same motion for the right side aswell just in a lower ratio.

Okay, thats my post.

Over the years that are for me the most important things to know about the influence of the muscles of the body and there connection up to the eyes.
I feel like the eyes are connected with the entire neck/back muscles like a string.

And by training them ohysical helping to relief the horrible tensity of the muscles.

I know its not scientific but for me going to Allah and search for protection and prayieng with hope in my heart helps me to feel my entire body and to relax.

I share this information in hope that i may can support someone with it to have a better life.

God is Big, may he be with us.

I wish all of you the best.

Warm Greetings

Hi Julien and welcome.
I’m always interested in relationship between the whole body and the functions of a human being.
Sorry if I point out that you lack of some info about myopia reduction.
What do you do specifically to reduce myopia? What’s your prescription now? Are you right or left handed?..
Physical exercise always helps a body to be in good condition but it’s useless to myopia reduction if you don’t apply some myopia related principle, in my opinion.
I’ve been doing sport since I was a child but my eye-sight was still the same until I started a process with helpful tools (AF for example) which trigger a myopia reversion.
Right handed people almost always have a right side more developed than the left one, but this doesn’t mean your left side is weaker.
Are you using Endmyopia or any othet method now?