Facebook Group: 16.000 Members

16.000 members. Somewhat amazing.

Even though we have the join questions for the group, and even though on average I admit only about 50% of new join requests, the group keeps growing quite a bit. And no advertising or promotion, either.


You probably know how a certain old fictitious beard is fairly scattered about all of these things.

Always a bit too much going on, and always experimenting with more avenues and ways to maximize this whole new way we interact (via the Interwebz). Luckily there’s always enough community engagement to hold things together when I invariably go missing for a while, off in some other corner experimenting with random bits.

Super glad we’re all managing to keep this project alive and growing! :heart:


I try to steer clear from Facebook, though. Being on FB is a potential liability yet many don’t understand the dangers. I know some people who have been bitten back.
All the privacy fiascos and horror stories have completely killed my faith in anything Facebook.


Well…we gotta get our Plzzzz Bros from somewhere. :crazy_face:


Yup. At the same time it’s where people are. Another avenue to raise awareness. And sadly or otherwise, the numbers matter sometimes - like when approaching podcasts about interviews, they sometimes judge these things on whether they will have a guest on.

But yea. On a personal level, no FB for me either.