Fanciful & Regal Meow Titles For You?

Our darling forum has all sorts of interesting features, such as … titles! So if you end up contributing to the benefit of overall Meow, you may choose your own regally appropriate title (within reasonable reason, of course).

Titles are displayed next to your name, sure to elicit stunned gasps in envy of your illustrious status from the all the common people:


Yes yes yes, why wouldn’t that be a life goal? :laughing:

Gain knight-meow-hood by contributing to the benefit of the community.

Right now, we have this infographic challenge happening:

And as always any solid efforts at spreading the word, improving the resource, donating your time and expertise to improve endmyopia, good ways to be recognized for your contributions.


Jake, one question, what is the meaning of sage? Read some times but no idea. As of spreading the word, big part of my company already making fun of me. I even received and email with one picture of those western charts where one man was selling elixir that cures everything. :joy:It was funny at least. I wish some of my coworkers use that bearded wisdom for the good of their lives. And about this thread, i like your idea, i enjoy a lot helping people (or at least teasing them) but i wish my progress was more noticeable at the moment, it’s crazy i spend more time selling a product than trying it myself. Bufff… Patience…

As I understand it, a sage is a really wise person (like our dear beardly guru). It’s the same word in French :wink:

That’s why I haven’t explained to others what I was doing with my vision until I had some results. People are only interested if you can prove them the method works and even then, some don’t see the problem about wearing glasses.

To return to the subject of this post, it’s a great idea to have a possibility to reward the most participative members. Even if I do not see what title I could claim anyway :joy:


I nominate @MattE for his video contributions :slight_smile:


Well, thank you! Also considering “guru in training”