Far Too Underprescribed Glasses for a Year, What to Do Now?

Quarantine has been tough for my vision. I feel like it is getting worse. However, any outside time I get, I spend mostly looking at clouds and at signs and trying my best to active focus and enjoy life.

Unfortunately, a trend for me is to make poor financial/health choices with my glasses. I don’t remember my last posts/threads, but I seriously don’t want to repeat any mistakes. I use the vision log, and I make sure I get accurate measurements,

Unfortunately, I thought I was a low myope around -3 - -2 when I first discovered EndMyopia in 2018, but turns out my vision is even worse than that, pretty sure around -4 and this time I feel it’s accurate.
It is not my close up time getting longer, I’ve been using glasses around -2.25/-2.5 and been trying my hardest to active focus but my vision hasn’t gotten any better and everything’s a bit too blurry, too far, and too difficult to active focus, which means for certain that my prescriptions are too underprescribed. And I had it for a year. I haven’t lost hope in EndMyopia’s idea, so I ask this:

Because I am so used to these glasses, how/how much should I increase the prescription to help me active focus? I know if I reduce by +0.50 from my true eyesight immediately, I won’t be able to handle it, so that is why I asked. ): Should I got straight to -3/-3…25? Is that also too big of a jump? Idk I feel so dumb

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You have what is called in EM terms blur adaptation. Usually it is recommended to address that before restarting your journey. For example, you could switch to your full prescription glasses all at once, get used to them for a few days or weeks until you start expecting clarity, then do the method again from that point onward, reducing -.25 at a time.
Don’t be afraid of getting stronger glasses. It’s not a step backwards, your eyesight is where it is regardless of what glasses you wear. It is just another step in the road.


If you say your eyes are about -4, you need more than -3/-3.25 correction. When I figured I reduced too quickly on a few occasions, I immediately went up to close to 20/20, just 0.25 below pretty much perfect vision. So, look into -3.75? As has been said a bunch of times, reducing too quickly will do nothing for your improvements, and in my case basically stops improvement.


This is a totally unorthodox response, so be warned. I don’t think the inability to active focus has anything to do with being underprescribed. I was more seriously underprescribed than you are and have both found AF (whatever that is) and reduced my myopia.

With your current correction you have clarity at some distance, even if not the desired 20/20 and you can push slightly past that distance and have a little blur to clear. I started out with print pushing at the computer screen.


This is an unorthodox response. I’ll say for myself as well as others that reducing too much makes AF a lot harder to do, and in my case has slowed down my gains considerably.


I am perfectly happy to believe you. :smile:

Every myopic eye has a certain distance measurement at which it can see without blur right? So a little distance (amount of this little distance will vary depending on the degree of myopia, it will increase exponentially as the myopia reduces) beyond that edge of clarity will give some amount of (occasional) blur, which you have to clear. So if you reduced quickly, you’ll just get blur at a closer distance. I may be oversimplifying it here but thats all I have understood so far.

I am imagining this as a literal pushing of the envelope, which here is the diopter bubble? In which case if i stood very close to the Snellen chart, picked a random line, whichever is say font size 12, started moving backwards until it began to get blurry, stopped when i reached edge of blur and started active focus on the text my brain records as slightly blurry. That way I dont need any glasses at all right?

My statement above is purely theoretical. This isnt what I am doing at all. Its more to demonstrate how I understand the mechanisms of Endmyopia. Very happy to be corrected if wrong.

Sounds like a good place to start as a practical and reliable step. A good memory of what 20/20 looks like is perhaps useful for more reasons that just active focus practice.

You need a clarity reference and a corresponding blur to clear. You can get this at whichever diopter range you choose.

Edit: Added- Angie Hepp in one of her videos says she uses 3 different glasses in a day depending on the distance at which she is viewing something. One pair for the fields, one for the computer and one for the TV.


I had a problem where I was down to -2.5 just before lockdown and was nearly at the point where I was about to drop down to -2.25…then lockdown came. After a month of very bad closeup habits with not much outdoor time my sight got a lot worse. Everything that was clear before was now very blurry and no amount of AF could clear it up (I’m talking distance here, not close up AF)

I took my cm measurement, which was also a lot worse, and went to Jakes cm calculator and then just took the recomendation from that and dropped it by .25, I ended up with -3.25. It took me a while to find my old -3.25 glasses but when I finally did everything was so clear again it was awesome. A little blur at a distance but these felt good. After two weeks there was no more blur challenge and dropped down to -3 and that is where I’m at now.

Sure, I took a pretty big backward step, but what’s the rush right?


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy.

I don’t have “full” prescription glasses and the ones that I do have come from the optometrist from back in 2017. I tried them on for fun for a few days and they were the exact same as my original normalized for EM (~-2-(-3)). Technically my eye sight is used to it so I don’t get any headaches, but it is so hard to active focus. The world looks the same.

I also have been recording my eye sight, and apparently it is around -5-(-6), but I’m not even sure how to record my eye sight properly anymore if that is the case. Honestly dude, I think I just need help measuring my eye sight. I thought was a low myope but I’m in serious disbelief that I’m that myopic. Maybe it’s blur adaptation but I swear it isn’t as bad. Then again, my original normalized are too hard to AF with, so what do I know.

Even if I am a high myope, should I just jump up and wear high ass prescriptions? I’m unsure as of rn.

Edit: Or should i even go at least -3 and at least a small jump from my current glasses? Perception and blur adaptation are weird things.

One more edit: I’m having doubts because I keep measuring wrong, and I don’t wear differentials (Although astigmatism makes my life hell).

Could you be a bit more specific about this. What are your cm distances, both to first astigmatic deformation and then to overall blur. Your measures of -5D or so might be based on your first astigmatic deformation and not your spherical needs. Did you have cylinder correction in your 2017 glasses and in your first EM norms? Initially I found it very hard to distinguish between the two kinds of defocus, but I am now better at it. What line can you read on the 6m Snellen in good light?

Of course it is possible that your eyesight has deteriorated, but I would not jump to that conclusion simply on the basis of cm measures that you are not sure of, and the inability to active focus. Your may want to go to an optometrist and get your eyes measured. There is no need to buy the glasses they prescribe, but it would help you to determine whether your eyesight has indeed deteriorated and by how much compared to 2017.

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