Farsightedness and Astigmatism

What if i get rid of my myopia so quickly that I end up farsighted.How will I fix that.Do i have to do bad habits that got people myopia so then my eyes become a bit longer and normal.And what if I can’t get to 20/20 because of Astigmatism.

Bless your innocent soul. :innocent:

You can’t end up with hyperopia unless you have a whole different set of bad habits (plus lenses, etc. and even then, it’s more likely you’ll end up with bad ghosting than hyperopia). Natural vision will hover around 20/20 (slightly better or slightly worse). Also eyes simply don’t change “too quickly”. If the ride to a certain level of myopia took years, it only makes sense for the ride back home to take years as well. If anything, I am worried about what you are expecting the journey to look like, if you feel it’s possible to improve so quickly you end up on the other side.

As for astigmatism, that is a tricky question. Astigmatism won’t necessarily prevent you from seeing the 20/20 line on the Snellen, if that is your goal. Whether you’ll have no astigmatism left at all at the end of the journey is anyone’s guess.


Oh alright then phew.