Fast regression -> fast progress?

I seem to deteriorate by half diopter in terms of 1-3 months - R 0.25 sph and 0.5 cyl, left 0.5 sph and 0.25 cyl.
Now, I am not able to recover that by distance vision.
Applied Atropine also, the deterioration seem to persist.

Then, do people that can develop more myopia so fast, can so fast reduce it?

No. The improvement rate is generally the same for everyone.
Also why don’t you use differentials to stop deterioration? It seems cheaper and safer than atropine.

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I don’t use differentials as I do close up without anything at the edge of blur. Almost no close up.

I instilled Atropine because I thought it is a ciliary spasm.

I consider reading the EM forum and creating posts here as close up time.
So with your 102 days’ statistics of reading 4.4k posts, creating 492 posts and starting 73 topics (plus assuming you have life outside of EM), IMHO you have a significant close-up time in front of a screen…


Most of that without correction at 13-15 cm from tablet.

Also, I practice fast reading, skipping whole paragraphs for a really useful info.

That should be changed to correctly measured differentials and to a min 60cm distance. And you’ll see improvement.


I thought 50 cm is good?
Do I need to read books from 60 cm as well?

I was using contact lenses all time with +2 as differentials, but started to read naked due to dry eyes.

It seems not many in this forum are consistent in myopia improvement.

However, my results on test lens kits were:

Dec 11, 2019
R -9 cyl -1.75
L -9.5 cyl -1.5
BTW only 2 cyl on keratometry for right eye

Jan 20, 2020
R -8.75 cyl -3.0
L -9.5 cyl -1.0
Axial length 27.12/27.26

Feb 28, 2020
R -8 cyl -3.25
L -8.5 cyl -2

Feb 29, 2020
R -8.5 cyl -1.25
L -8.5 cyl -2

Jun 17
R -9/-2.75
L -9/-1.5

Jul 24
R -9 cyl -3.5
L -9.5 cyl -2.25

Rapid regression started about at May-June while wearing a -8 contact lens without astigmatism, it was like spherical equivalent.

Personally, I think it’s better for your eye health in general to just use regular differential glasses when doing anything close-up for a long time, especially when reading/looking at screens. Looking at something that’s only 13-15cm away from you puts a lot of stress on your ciliary muscle, even if it is on the edge of blur.


I think you might mean the muscles used to converge the eyes, instead of ciliary muscle.


This would stop all progress for me just from eyestrain due to the extreme convergence. It severely bothers me to work at 30cm for a couple hours without glasses and it’s inside my blur horizon.

50cm is fine. 60cm is better. Exact numbers aren’t that important but 13-15 is just setting yourself up to fail.


Wow, 30 cm is my default point of eye alignment. I experience strain rather looking far :slight_smile:

I knew it’s bad even because it aggravates condition I have with eye alignment, that sometimes I can’t see far with both eyes after long 13-15 cm.

Judging by your topics and posts, so far you read a lot about the eye in general to understand the science and experimented with trading off your cyl to sph (which is not EM specific, since that’s what optos do, too)
EM definitely doesn’t recommend living with blur for distance vision, or not using any corrections for close up if the prescription is -8 or -9.

The healthy distance (good posture, etc) from monitor is 50 to 100cms. As differentials are meant to challenge your eyes with some blur, I always suggest to set the blur horizon at minimum 60cms, so on a day when one has to skip the blur challenge, it is still possible to work at a healthy distance.

And anyway, 1) you don’t need my approval on what distance you choose 2) there’s no gain for you by bargaining for a 10cm-discount from my rule.

I’d suggest you start by getting glasses that are perfect for real distance vision = you can see well immediately at any time at any distances (even when driving at night, too). There are situations when you will have to see well immediately.
Then spend a few weeks with measuring your distance to blur consistently to spot the patterns - how much different lights, tiredness, or the number of hours spent in front of the monitor influence your vision. I’m afraid there is no shortcut on this part as this is specific to you.
And then define your healthy distance from monitor and get differentials that are at the edge of blur at the “healthy distance + 10cms”.

Finally, I would also recommend spending less time in front of screens and more time outdoors.


Let me discuss.

Yeah. Umm, astigmatism and cyl is not my, but I have it :frowning:

Yes, I wanted to shortcut. Simply putting SE despite -2.5 and -1.5 CYL.

Oh, 200 euros only for norms and diffs? I don’t know. As well, I don’t drive yet.

I started good habits in Oct '19 so I measured very much. In general, my vision is very stable now and -8/-2.75 -8.5/-1.75 is very strongly binded to my eyes for now so even dilation/antispasm drops can’t improve even by 0.25.

I never do accommodated work for long, so there is no ciliary spasm. As well as I am not from overcorrection camp, but rather from Bates/no-glasses-at-all camp. I seen 20/20 firstly 1 year ago despite 17.5 years of life.

where do you get the atropine?
and zenni should cost like 5 euros a pair (look up zenni optical) so get as many as you want to play with


As a rule everyone who tries to short cut, ends up taking a longer route because of their detour. The beaten path works well, maybe not at the same rate for every individual but the averages are on point.
As suggested look up Zenni and you can get reasonably priced diffs. I understand the desire to go glasses free, but introducing that kind of strain is seriously inadvisable. I am of the mindset that one should not be attempting glasses free nearwork till in the -3.25 range or lower, at which point it is a pleasant victory :smiley: But even then I would still not dispense with diffs, the more you avoid that 50cm and nearer distance the better off you will be for consistent gainz,