Feeling I found my astigmatism inducer

Here it is.

Stupid “Chinese eyes” exercise that I did do very often, year by year, and tens of minutes at some days. It was my main life-saver when I needed 20/20 sight.

Also, here is a rough reading from my cm ruler when doing that:
Right sphere -4 cylinder -8 axis 150-160
Without: sphere -8 cylinder -2.25 axis 180

Must to notice that I mostly did do that on my right eye (was no real improvement when did do that on left eye), and my right eye has worse astigmatism than left.


@Varakari, did you try that also?
Can it really induce astigmatism?

This immediately causes a lot of horizontal minus cylinder error. It’s obvious on the test image in my vision log tool: at a distance a little into myopic defocus, even pulling just a little bit makes the magenta circle crisp to the sides, while the horizontal lines at the top and bottom get very blurred.

No idea if this can induce astigmatism in the long run, but it sure doesn’t seem like a natural way to use eyes. Intuitively, you’d think that this only does something if it’s done so much that it overpowers any homeostatic compensation. And when it does, Forrest comes to mind again.

So… maybe you found it? Hard to tell until there’s a clear improvement trend going on. But if it directly causes astigmatism by deforming the eyes, the axes and signs match your case, so if I were in your shoes, I’d absolutely stop doing that.

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First I had ATR astigmatism, then it switched to WTR.
My vision was really crisp with that tool when I was child, that I even could read 20/10!

Of course I tended to abuse that, e.g. sit in front of TV and did that for half an hour.

So I would try to find anti-exercise. And I almost found it, wonder if it can make iris (thus the cornea) more circular (really can see at mirror that my iris is longer at horizontal meridian than at the vertical one, also seeing a “bulge” in cornea where outer rectus muscles operate, does not sound like a mystery, diverging my eyes is difficult to me).

So now I even do not think that my astigmatism is that regular, as also the lines are slightly sharper at axis 135 or so, next seeing double images both diagonally and vertically in my contacts, sometimes getting chromatic aberrations with naked eye.