Figured out why I have trouble tolerating normalized

Turns out it’s the distortion. My glasses are strong enough that things get quite distorted at the edges. Couple that with the fact that I’m a person who enjoys and relies on peripheral vision, and who tends to make use of eye movements to look around, and you can see why I’m sensitive to normalized and have tolerance issues. The only thing worse for me are contacts; I don’t tolerate those at all due to problems with foreign body sensation and irritation, probably from allergies.

I’m sticking it out. Hopefully the distortion does not wreck my visual system. I can’t wait to start reducing powers.


Distortion can also depend on lens material. You might want to try different lens options.

Yeah, I may experiment a bit with a higher index material again.

Now I’m curious. What does the distortion look like? Do you have an image???

Yeah, for me at -2.5, CR39 gave me enough distortion that I almost felt nauseous. (All my higher dioptre glasses are higher index.) When I was doing no-glasses to that -2.5, things were weird every time I put them on for at least a few weeks. My -2.25 are higher index, and I gladly take the chromatic aberration over the something’s-wrong-with-the-world-don’t-want-to-turn-my-head feeling. The -2.0 are again CR39 and they’ve seemed fine so far, so I’d say the lens guide/reference chart on endmyopia matches my experience.


@Kurbee, the objects at the edge of your visual field appear flattened and smaller in one or more dimensions.

@tracylau, I wonder if I’ll be able tolerate the -3.50 in CR-39, or if I’ll have to order another pair of higher index. The -3.25 I’m using now is a bit distorted, but it’s subtle, but it’s there.

Aha! That’s unfortunate, but at least it explains your issues. Too bad that the usual alternative, contact lenses, doesn’t work for you either.

If you have a lot of money to burn through, you could try more strongly curved glasses; Rodenstock has some models. They have different and less distortions, and better field of view and peripheral defocus. But I believe they’re easily ten times the price of what we usually use here, and usually come in soft polycarbonate with its horrid color seams. So… not sure if this is actually a realistic solution.

Or, maybe try to go for relatively narrow frames? Going too narrow might be bad for stimulus reasons, but maybe there’s a balance to strike here. And for the most powerful glasses you want to use just briefly, to get a reference of clarity, a narrow frame should do the job just fine. It might be even better than the wider ones, because as you approach full correction, the distortions at the sides can cause hyperopic defocus.


Oh darn.

I’m having a hard time visualizing that. Do you have any visual references so I know what you’re talking about?

That stinks. Welcome to the we can’t wear contacts club.


I have narrow frames too to bottom so can look under them for near without differentials. But they’re still about 50mm wide side-to side. So more lateral distortion due to the lens shape.

I’d rather have any hyperopic defocus hit my distance vision than my near vision, anyway. It’s there, even with a 0.75 undercorrection, and so is induced prism.

If I have to I’ll just get another pair of lenses at 1.57 index. Issue solved. Everything is a compromise. I wonder if that also helps the defocus thing.

A few years ago I put in contacts after many years since I gave up on them. 10 minutes later, foreign body sensation and sticky feeling lids…

When many years ago I tried contact lenses I could not even put them into my eyes :rofl: I mean eyes wide open, I try to hold it open with my other hand, contact lens closer, closer, closer and bang my eyes are shut automatically :smiley: The optometrist could not put them in in 1 hour and eventually gave my some test lenses to try / practice at home. Tried to do it for one month, but no success.

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Hello, you might check my post about distortion, actually the higher index, the worse distortion issues.
I’m very sensitive and I cannot tolerate contact lenses as well. I’m having extremely dry eyes from its use, pressure in the eye and even nose bleeding… With glases I can tolerate quite ok the basic CR39 plastic but it takes several weeks for me to get used to the distortion (round edges, everything looks smaller…)