Figuring Out Cylinder, Lighting, Fusing Meditation

Great update today in the BackTo20/20 support forum:


This one fans my curiosity again about what I might be missing in the paid program… Oh well, maybe some mysteries are ok. lol
But I do love the updates :smiley:


Ditto. I would love to find the extra cash to splash out on the full paid.
I might start squirreling away some money.

“Normalised Trio” (norms, peak, evening) sounds very interesting and from my asking and digging in the forum seems like alot of people have a variation on something like this.


heard that with both ears.

Yeah my variation is an or approach. I either have diffs, normz, and night driving, mostly typical of the dark season (the half of the year that is our winter) OR further into a reduction I have diffs, sun 'script, and normz more typical of my light season approach; besides using phone and reading books without glasses.
I used to think of it in terms of “peak prescription” but the further along I get, the more I like getting away from the P word. So I made up my own term :joy: “sun 'script” (sunny day subscription for those who missed it my my updates thread) borrowing a bit from Jake’s “subscription” angle and then adding my spin.

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Oh, now now. I would not hear of taking your money! :joy:

Check your PM.