Finally! A Scientifically Promising Cataract Treatment Is Available! (Sort Of)

Yes, I did research bromelai some months back and have seen @gemilymez experiment with pineapple as well. For the past 2+ months I’ve been taking Quercetin with Bromelain (165 mg) every other day or so for covid prevention. (

The bromelain is suppose to help the absorption of the quercetin (as I remember it), and I got this particular product with bromelain because I thought it might help with my vision too. Without going into the sun it’s impossible for me to say how my floaters are doing so I"m not sure if it’s helped or not.

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That’s what I was trying to get out of him, but he didn’t even give me any anecdotal stories of success. It seems strange to pay all the money for patents around the world on something so simple that was never tested in any way. Also, how can someone give the treatment protocol without testing it. So I assume (which can be dangerous) that there’s more to the story.

I searched high and low and couldn’t find any research on citric acid eye drops either. The closest thing is ascorbic acid. Many people have used that and it’s even sold with DMSO and claimed to cure cataracts. My reservation with that is reading how sensitive ascorbic acid is to oxidation. That’s true for a lot of things though.

Here is the website he is associated with ( and is the domain for his email address.


Hello everyone,
I went to the eye doctor yesterday, a new doctor in my old optometrist’s office, a young woman who is the best optometrist I’ve been to in all the decades of going!

I found out my last visit to the office’s other optometrist was four years ago, when I was referred to a specialist to see if my cataracts required surgery. At that time the specialist said “not yet”, but also related that with my high myopia, he wanted to put it off as long as possible due to the risk of retinal damage from surgery. Me, too. Due to new electronic medical records software, my new optometrist said she’d have to dig out my records for reference to see where I was four years ago. Hopefully she can find them.

From the tests she ran yesterday, I still have cataracts and she ranked them between a one and two, but we discovered I have all three major kind - nuclear, cortical, and posterior subcapsular. Oddly, when she told me this, I was amazed at how good my vision is currently and felt hopeful! I know how bad it was to see six months ago and the improvement I’ve experienced in my vision since. We agreed that I would continue the protocols of DMSO eye drops and the oral dose for six more months and do another round of tests.

I related the whole story of my endeavors with EndMyopia and the Le Meow forum over the course of the 90 minute visit, and she explained all that she saw in all the tests and pictures taken. She did say that my retinas looked very healthy though, and pointed out all that she saw in that respect. Interesting. Was not expecting that.

We also talked about floaters and she pointed out that I have Weiss rings in each eye - those are the “floaters of unusual size” I was struggling with so much. One of them is not a full ring and either separated as such, or might it possibly be the DMSO/glutathione working on it? We’ll check those again in six months, too.

We also agreed that I would come back in two weeks to get a very precise reading of my current accommodation, because she has also agreed to help me in my endeavor going forward with EndMyopia - HURRAY! She will help me deal with the step down version of glasses, but with these I will be able to include the up/down prism prescription that is not currently in my differentials and I believe, holding me back from making progress. I’m thrilled.

So more work with DMSO, but I have hope like I haven’t had for years now. I even actuated Active Focus with my left eye while I was there which really thrilled me. Thanks to Jake and Jeremy for all their work and research, and for all of those who have been involved in this incredible work to help people see more clearly! I am deeply grateful.


Wow, there are so many things to unpack just in this one paragraph. Cataracts between grade 1 and 2 aren’t usually too bad all on there own so that’s encouraging. I really wonder (as I’m sure you do) what they were like 6 months ago. Obviously something has changed and improved during that time. I can only think of 3 main things that could have improved. The cataracts themselves, the floaters, and/or bad dry eye. Unless it’s EM itself that has improved your vision and not any of those things?

Has anyone ever heard of having multiple types of cataracts? I’m going to have to research that. Not once have I ever run across that being discussed by anyone. Not sure how it’s even possible.

The doctor agreed to continue the DMSO drops?!?! That floored me. You’ve got yourself one heck of a good doctor to even be open to the idea and not scoff at it. Had she ever heard of them before? It’ll be super interesting to see if 6 more months of treatment can make a measurable difference.

Congratulations! The improvements are all because you took the initiative and went for it with the drops and EM. I’m following your lead as much as you’re following mine. Thanks for the update!


Yay for awesome people in the world. :+1:t2:


I just ordered Citric Acid from Bulk Supplements and it should be delivered in a couple days. The glutathione drops haven’t led to any improvement for me yet so I figured why not give this a shot for a week. Will let you all know how they feel after the first drop.


Jeremy, I’m glad you continue to try new stuff - I’ll be curious to see how different things work on different types of cataracts. What type of cataract are you dealing with again? As for me having three types, I’m going to ask my eye doctor about that again when I go back in for my acuity evaluation - it’s just surprising. And maybe glutathione works on two kinds but not the third? So hopefully citric acid will work on your type of cataract and we’ll have more tools in the toolbox! Has any of the literature said how long you need to use it before seeing results?

I also wanted to add one thing I’ve noticed since doing the DMSO - it used to be that bright lights in my eyes would be painful and take forever to clear up - another reason I hated going to get my eyes checked. It’s been like that for about 20 years now EXCEPT I noticed this last time, any bright light did not hurt and my eyes cleared up immediately. I asked my husband if he noticed this and he said the bright lights never bothered him, so it wasn’t a change in the equipment used, and they did seem to use the same machines. My eye doctor told me that my blood vessels looked very healthy in my retina, which like I said, surprised me, so I began to wonder if the DMSO had made things healthier in that respect. It’s curious, anyway.


Bright lights bothering you is called photophobia - I have this too, at least they said this on my last checkup. I also thought it was normal that I’m tearing up and can barely keep my eyes open because of the pain when they shine the bright light in, but apparently for most people bright light directly into the eye at the ophthalmologists is not a problem… hmm… so you are saying this improved because of some eye drops?? Anyhow, I don’t have any vision problem afterwards needing to “clear up” so I don’t know what you mean, bright lights just hurt my eyes

edit: before anyone starts listing the possible causes found on the internet, it’s nothing acute, no migraines or whatever, it’s been like this for at least 25 years, ever since I can remember

Mine are posterior subcapsular because that’s the type caused by steroids and are usually right in the center of the lens so they cause the most visual issues. I don’t really have much info on the citric acid drops other than what’s in the patent which isn’t too much. From what it says citric acid is small enough to get to the lens. I’m going to try to research that but it’s probably just as quick to use them and see what happens.

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@lajos - yeah, i don’t know for sure if it’s the drops that changed the photophobia for me, i only know that those are the one factor that has been different over all these years. Makes a person wonder… it used to be that after the bright light, the after image was purple and would take several minutes to clear, but this time, nothing, and I could see to walk down the hall immediately. Thanks for letting me know the term - I found it surprising that everyone wasn’t bothered by the bright lights! @JeremyCouch - just wondered if you noticed any slowdown in the growth of the cataracts from using the DMSO with glutathione? You’ve been waiting for improvement, but maybe it would slow down in growth for a month or two (or three) before starting to improve. I can’t remember how long you’ve been doing this solution, or how often you said you go in to see your eye doctor. When do you start the citric acid mix and how will you mix it? Tried to find info on citric acid in this use but no luck. Is citric acid an antioxidant like ascorbic acid is? Sorry - I’ve bombarded you with a lot of questions on this!

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You got question, I got “some” answers. :slight_smile:

All I know is my vision continues to get worse. It’s really impossible for me to say if anything has slowed it down. Because of the type of cataract it sometimes gets slowly worse, but there have been about 3 or 4 days when I’ve woken up and it’s significantly worse. I think because it’s growing right in the middle of my lens a little can make a huge difference.

I’m not giving up on the DMSO or anything, but this guy is claiming people notice an improvement after one week of citric acid drops. I’m HIGHLY skeptical, but nothing to lose at this point. It is an antioxidant and oral consumption has shown to slow cataracts in diabetics. I’m going to try and figure out the difference from ascorbic acid. From the patent I assume citric is “smaller” and can reach the lens easier, but I don’t know that yet. I’ll make them using the same process as normal except with only water and 1/64 tsp of citric acid. That should be about a 0.075% solution. If it comes in time I’ll probably start Monday and will report in then. Wish me luck!


Jeremy - I do wish you luck, and lots of it! I really hope this is the ticket for you. It’s great that there are only the two ingredients, and one of them is water! If this works, and works that fast, what a relief you’ll feel! I’ll be looking daily next week to see how things go, knowing that it may take a full week to begin seeing changes according to what the guy said. Sending lots of positive thoughts your direction - good luck!


I just made a 10 ml batch with pure water and 1/64 tsp citric acid. That’s only about 0.075% solution. The patent recommends about 1% but less at first to get used to the sting. I’m used to the DMSO sting and with these there was no sting at all that I could feel.

Before making them I emailed the inventor about whether they should be refrigerated and he responded right back saying there’s no need for that. I think I will still do it to reduce the chance of bacteria. What do you all think?

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well unless there’s anything in there that doesn’t like being chilled, refrigeration is generally good for anything food, chemical etc. storage

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I agree with refrigeration just to be on the safe side, plus it’s soothing!:grin: