Finally! A Scientifically Promising Cataract Treatment Is Available! (Sort Of)

Dude. I can appreciate both the pain, and the new hope, that comes with this decision. You have made the biggest and best plan of research and real-world studies, that a book should probably be written on it. I applaud everything you’ve done up to this date. You have been my hero on this for over a year, and laying the groundwork of hope for many people. Although I haven’t been on the community pages often this year, I have always come back for your updates, hoping for some new groundbreaking ideas. I have been a HUGE fan, in the background.
Having done cataract surgery on one eye already, it was a game changer. Although you approach it with hesitation, I am excited for you! My other eye is starting to get so bad, that I’ve just started reading glasses for the cataract eye to read the computer screen. Trying to hold off for another quarter, another year, to hope that some new tech will come out to make the left cataract replacement lens even better than the first outcome.
Proud of you @JeremyCouch. The world will turn out as it was meant to be. You will have great vision soon, and your efforts and wisdom will not be lost on the world.
Hugs bro. High five for a job well done. K.


Your message blows me away! Thank you for all your public and private messages of support throughout this journey @Flash. It’s meant a lot to know that others are benefiting from the info here and rooting me on. Until the day they slice on me I’ll be trying more things so don’t be surprised to see a few more posts from me. I don’t give up easy. If nothing else I hope that others will build upon this info and my journey to find a better solution in the future.

If I must get surgery then I’m sure everything will work out fine like it has for you and so many others. High five right back at ya.


Jeremy, I so appreciate your decision and all that you’ve gone through. I know it’s not what you wanted, but thank goodness they have this surgery and technology now - so many people who wouldn’t be able to see now can, and for you the next chapter will be even better than you imagined. May you be delighted with how much you can see when you’re healed up from the surgery.

Thank you so so so much for all your sharing on this topic. You’ve not only done the best for yourself, but for many others down the road who’ll turn to your work for their own cataract issues. I know I appreciate it more than I can say, and I hope you know how deeply grateful I am.

Please keep us all posted on how you’re doing - :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


I couldn’t believe that OcluMed had never been mentioned in this thread. It has been mentioned in the forum a bit, but I reached out to the company that makes them and now have more information to share including a small study that shows promise.

They include ingredients that we have been experimenting with here including NAC and glutathione, but also have more antioxidants and all combined into one solution. There’s also a doctor who encourages and claims cataract reversal success by the use of MSM or DMSO drops first for permeability and then to use the OcluMed drop a minute or two later.

They are pricey, but I may give them a shot while waiting for surgery to be set up. Any thoughts?

Info page:

Buy page:

OcluMed.pdf (1.3 MB)


I had an e-mail the other day from some with cataracts, using some sort of “red light therapy”. She said things have stayed stable, though not really improved. The doctor had previously said that surgery was imminently necessary.

Asked some questions haven’t heard back yet.


I started hearing a lot about red light therapy a few years ago and was skeptical because many of the supporters are affiliates for the expensive lights, but there seems to some research supporting it. As far as vision and cataracts I do have a few bookmarks about it. Several months ago (maybe a year?) I reached out to for any studies or other information supporting their claim that red light helps cataracts, but never got a reply. I forgot about it and will try again now.

Definitely update us if you hear back from her.


I have Oclumed. I thought I’d try one eye for 6 months & ask my friendly optometrist to compare the NS in both eyes at my next check. But I have not been using them lately because…the drops sting a bit…that’s ok, but they make my vision blurred for a while. I couldn’t decide when I want blurred vision for a while multiple times a day. I want to start them again this minute.

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This appears to relate to retinal function, but perhaps not the lens. I’m always a bit wary of looking at light. That prohibits me from testing red light therapy out.

From what I understand you don’t look at the light directly. I wouldn’t be able to do that either. It just needs to be around your eyes as you look to the side or something. No response from the company yet again. If they send me any supporting evidence of it helping cataracts I’ll report back.

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