Finally! A Scientifically Promising Cataract Treatment Is Available! (Sort Of)

yep, onion is better suited to eyes. Garlic is better suited to skin & hair.

I’d be very cautious about putting untested chemicals in my eye. You could give yourself a chemical burn and be even worse off than you started. And yes, lemon juice is a chemical, just because the citric acid is coming from a plant doesn’t make it not an ACID you’re putting in your EYE. Find lots of sources of other people having done it before you, with precise directions for dilutions and sterilization of the product.


MSM is an extremely common eye treatment. You can buy MSM drops in much higher concentrations on Amazon and all over the internet. The reviews are pretty good for treating dry eyes, eye floaters, etc. with little to no irritation to the eyes reported.

Yeah, I was mostly referring to the garlic and lemon juice thing. The MSM and EDTA are already available as eye drops, taking them one after another shouldn’t be an issue. I fact, if possible to obtain the existing eye drops, I’d use those rather than mix new eye drops from scratch.


Well, I agree with you totally.
It’s just that I trust the natural substances more than some strange artificially synthesized chemicals sold by some pharma. I think generally natural substances tend to be safer than synthetic chemicals.

Traditional foods taken orally in moderation, yes, I agree with you. Used in ways our ancestors did not, I disagree. The dosages in herbal remedies are highly variable by the variety of plant, and the weather conditions under which it was grown. The chemical extract/distillation/concentrate is of a known potency and diluted back down for consistency and ease of taking it. It’s exactly the same chemical compound with or without processing, just with processing it is a uniform substance with predictable outcomes.


Exactly, it’s the same compound. Without processing, it’s just the natural compound. With the processing, I have to place blind belief in the processing technique & capability of a big pharma company. I can’t practically crosscheck its validity or quality. Basically, I have to place blind faith. And I don’t like placing blind faith in anything because I believe such blind faith will get abused. I think all human beings (& their actions) are prone to inefficiency & corruption. So, less middlemen, the better (specially when it comes to food & medicine)… just my thinking!

Living Comment (Nevermind. There’s a time limit on being able to edit a post I see.)
I’m making this comment to show the sources of the ingredients/equipment as I find them. Just because I post a link doesn’t mean that’s the best source, that I’ll end up buying from that particular source, or that you should buy from that source. Please feel free to search around and post anything you find as well. The adventure continues…

What’s needed?

  1. De-ionized (DI) water (500 ml)
  1. Gizmo to filter water via a 0.2 micrometer filter
  • Anyone know what’s needed to filter the water? I’m researching.
  1. MSM (27 g)
  1. EDTA (13 g)
  1. L-carnosine (5 g)
  1. Scale? Some way to measure.
  1. Glass to mix ingredients?

  2. Dropper bottle

  1. Funnel

True, but I don’t have blind faith in nature, in fact I’m pretty sure she’s ambivalent about my existence and is just fine with me poisoning myself when I don’t respect her whims.

I KNOW nature is fickle. I only DOUBT humans.


True, but Nature is a necessity (& unavoidable), human intervention is optional. So, reducing human intervention to bare minimum (as much as humanly possible) seems like a good idea. :blush:

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Love love LOVE the commentary and links in here!
Thanks @JeremyCouch for doing the research and posting here.

  • ~Disclaimer - I’ve not made the right decisions for my eyes, going back to the 1900’s. Can’t be a poster child for active focus and*

A few of my first thoughts as I read through the comments:

  • @Cateye and @jakey have reached the same conclusion as me - likelihood of profit +/- competitive forces sadly kept them from progressing. And a huge market of the most popular quick and easy surgery is not one that the medical profession would want to cure by simply prescribing eye drops. :money_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :sob:
  • so awesome that @Dlskidmore works in the area - and would totally agree that making sure things are sterile is HUGE. The last thing you want is to screw up your eyes and ruin them by creating new problems. Maybe think about only testing 1 eye at a time?

My quick story: 49yo, medically needed prednisone about 4-5 periods over the past 30 years. Locked in PRK laser surgery with -8 / -9 myopia >10yrs ago before I found EM. When my vision started deteriorating about 2 years ago, and got it checked last year, the optometrist thought it was thin cornea / laser vision = corneal ectasia and keratoconus. Opthamologist changed that to nuclear sclerotic cataract in my right eye, at a 3+ out of 4. Interestingly, so focused in the middle, my optometrist never noticed it. But made it easier to switch out. Vision quickly going from 0 to -1 to -2.5 to -5 -> faster jumps in shorter times as it progressed, with no clarity even on the 20/200 line (uncorrected), and with correction still multiple ghosting - but not even 20/40 clarity.
When my left eye started to show the same symptoms, I ended up having cataract surgery / lens replacement last week. :sob:

I’ve been poking my head into a similar rabbit hole the past few months. Some thoughts from that:

  • Lots of different kinds of cataracts, and lots of different type of human genetics. What works on one person “may” not be suitable for others. But that doesn’t erase hope and the Control Group effects.
  • While also researching the “how to fix”, I think it is important to learn about the “what is the cause”. That will help to make sense of most things you see.
  • personally, running out of time made me jump to typical options, so that I could still drive to work and taxi the kids around. If I lost both eyes, I’d be doomed with life as it is known to me.

A few months out, I would like to figure out if I can start trying something on my left eye, once I know my right is solid and healed. Would be SO HAPPY to figure out a way to avoid any further surgery!

Cataracts are not fun. Especially not in your 40s or 50s. Good luck, and feel free to DM/PM me. Let me know how this all plays out, and if you can find a way to source the materials!!


@Flash Thank you for the kind words! I agree with everything you said.

I’m curious, what type of lens did you get? Hopefully I’ll never need to go there, but being realistic I have researched the topic a bit.

I was up all night trying to figure this out. I’ve reached out and heard back from the doc at John Hopkins who was part of the trial, but he didn’t have any info.

Also, I finally reached out to Livionex directly, which I was reluctant to do, fishing for any info I can gather that would help us. Waiting to hear back. I’ll contact the scientist/inventor and the CEO directly if needed.

I was just rereading the US patent that I linked in the original post and it states that EDTA is a preservative in it’s own right. Once I read that I do remember seeing trace amounts of EDTA listed as a preservative in a number of eye drops for sale that I’ve looked at. This makes me feel a bit better about making them myself.

Good. Be very sure about dosage then, they say too much of those preservatives is just as bad as not enough. That’s why the single use vials of unpreserved moistening drops exist.

For anyone who may be interested here are a couple videos about the company behind this potential treatment.

On a side note I also wonder what people in the dental discussion in this community think of their dental product. It is supposed to remineralize. I haven’t read that entire thread so I didn’t want to post in there. The dental gel has the same main ingredients as the cataract eye drop (MSM & EDTA).

A quick feature on “CBS This Morning” about their dental product:

A longer, very interesting (to me!) sit down with the CEO where he does mention their future cataract product:

Livionex Pharma Raises $4M in Series A Funding

Published on May 13, 2019

Livionex, a Los Gatos, CA-based biotech company addressing unmet medical needs in Periodontitis, Cataracts and Herpes Simplex Virus, raised $4M in Series A funding at a $180m valuation.

Backers included unnamed private investors and family offices.

Founded in 2009, Livionex is advancing a solution that can potentially prevent and treat prevalent diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, cataracts, and herpes simplex virus.

The company has also launched its oral care line, LIVFRESH, as a dentist-recommended, clinically proven solution for eliminating plaque, which uses edible ingredients on the FDA’s GRAS list. It is currently being evaluated by the FDA to become an oral care product to treat both gingivitis and periodontitis (terminal gum disease).

Livionex is scheduling a Phase 2C study to help its eye-drops become the first non-invasive treatment to improve vision in early-to-moderate cataract patients.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the growth of their technology that is advancing treatments for gum disease, cataracts, and herpes simplex virus and market penetration of LIVFRESH in the US and Asian markets.



I guessed the CEO’s email address and reached out to him directly. Got the expected response as you can see below.

So, after reading and rereading the latest patents I believe I understand how to make them. I’m not sure if there’s all that much interest on here, but I’ll post everything up this weekend including links to the ingredients, supplies, and instructions (formula and sanitization).

Dear Mr. Couch,

I appreciate your email. I wish the eye drops were available because they would especially benefit people like yourself. However, the eye drops are currently on hold pending further FDA mandated trials.

Best regards,



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Quick (or not so quick) update:

I finally ordered everything needed to make these today including some lab equipment, scale, and ingredients. For under $200 I should have enough to make drops for myself and the whole neighborhood for a year.

Because of my lack of chemistry knowledge it took some time to make absolutely certain I knew the exact ingredients needed and at the quality that is appropriate for human eye drops. I’m now confident enough to go through with it.

One hold up is that a couple of the ingredients must be approved by the place I’m buying them. They typically supply labs, universities, and companies so who knows if I’ll be approved. If not, I do have back up websites where I should be able to buy them without a problem. I wanted to try to get them from what seems to me to be the most reputable place first.

The formulation I’ll be attempting to make is not the exact one I originally posted. There’s updated documentation for an apparently even better, slightly modified eye drop here

I’ve written detailed step-by-step instructions for myself from sterilization procedures to making them to testing for allergic reactions to using the final product in the eye, but I’ll wait until I go through the process first and know it all works before posting them.

Wish me luck!!!


Love it. Proper :pirate_flag: biohacking happening now!