First diopter story

Hi, I’m Heidi, nice to meet you all!

There’s not a lot of stories and updates about first diopter. Or I just didn’t find them…
Ofcourse the best way is to not having any kind of myopia in the first place, but my situation is probably the next best. Huge thank you to Jake and Endmyopia for saving my eyes <3

(same text below that in my introduction. It takes time for me to write in english, so taking the easy way…)

Last two years I have noticed a bit of blurry vision when driving and watching tv, but didn’t think much of it cause it always cleared. In this winter it started to show much often and many days in a row, until it showed every day. So, I made an appointment with “eye doctor” and she prescribed me R -1.75 L -2.0 and -0.5 cyl in the right eye. (Feb 17th)

In that point I thought there is no other choice, but get used to the idea of wearing glasses for the rest of my life. I was so sad about it, but didn’t know any other way.

I got the glasses (March 1st) and when I put them on, it felt like my eyes could blow up. I felt like I could trough up, same feeling as when I was pregnant. “You have to get used to them”, was only response I got. Tried to wear them for a three days, but my eyes hurt, my head hurt and I felt that I could see too brightly, but couldn’t look at anything well. Didn’t wear glasses on day four. Day five I put them on for a 15min drive, when I got home I got headache and my eyes were so sore that I had to go to a darkened room for a while. Even in the next day my eyes hurt when I tried to look at anything near.

Then I started to google things on my own, and I found finnish “eye professor” Kaisu Viikari and learned about pseudomyopia for the first time, and became confident that I had it, all symptoms matched! I asked three other “eye doctors” about this, they didn’t want see me, cause “you’re too old to have it” (I’m 40) I insisted on new exam and started to lessen my smartphone use, take more time outside etc.
Within this time I found EndMyopia and wow what a resource of info!

My second eye exam was made by optician and results were -1.0 in both eyes, -0.5 cyl in the right eye. (March 12th)

Got new glasses in March 25th and those seem too bright too, so I ordered online -0.5 and -0.75 versions, haven’t received those yet. It is certain that I need some in dark driving, so I’ll try what is enough but not too much. In the day I can see 20/20 line in Snellen, it is not totally crisp, but readable.

One thing troubles me, that cylinder in the right eye… There is no blur or double vision in my right eye, it is in my left eye. I asked about it and was told “it is right”. But is it? I left it out totally from glasses I ordered, cause my research let me to believe it is so small anyway, so no harm leaving it out and especially cause I’m not sure that it is right.

Within this time with EndMyopia and taking my measurements in the morning lightning, they’ve increased from 109cm to 141cm.

I understand that my situation is quite different from many of you, this is my first diopter. I’m mad at myself for abusing my eyes for the last 10 years with screens and smartphones, taking my eyesight for granted. But I’m so grateful for this knowledge that I have now, even if my problem doesn’t go away totally, allthough I’ll work for it!


Update, what have happened after writing opening post:

I received my Zenni order few days back, faster than I expected. Tried both ( -0,5 and -0,75 ) in the evening, tired eyes, and I could see 20/20 line clearly. So those I’m keeping for situations when I need a bit of help, like night driving. And ofcourse for reference for my brain what to aim!

Really small correction, I know, but it takes away the feeling/fear of not seeing as clear as before and sets my mind at ease that there is that little bit IF I need it.

Allthough I’m still quite certain that my whole problem is ciliary spasm with aging eyes and I can fix it.

And my measurements in this morning with both eyes was 147cm
It is sunny morning, but my measuring point is near north side window.


Very well done from another last diopter EMer :relaxed:
For finding EM, for refusing to “just get used to” the overcorrection (overcorrection of more than 1D?!? :scream:), for dropping the 0.5 cyl (that is the case when the opto is not sure whether to add an extra 0.25 sph or not - but once you start wearing cyl your eye / brain gets used to uneven corrections and cyl will stay), also for getting a pair of glasses for worst vision (night driving and / or when tired - reference for clarity is important ) and for trying to reduce screen time.
You are doing all the right things in my opinion. :+1:


Thanks @BiancaK for your encouraging words!

It feels terrifying to understand there is so many like me who just “gets used to” so much overcorrection.
At least there should be advice for everyone before opto visit → no phones, much long-distance looking. My first visit was after work day, even in waiting area I used my phone. So a lot of the first visits error was caused by me, but I didn’t know better. But that professional should have known, I think.

Now I make sure that everyone around me knows if they want to hear, if not, so be it.


Hello Hetukka

Just a question, you are not used to glasses at all. Why have you picked unequalised lenses? -0.5 -.0.5 might possibly have been a better choice at this stage? That way you don’t have to fix this later?


I was thinking this too. I understand the desire to have the correction available if needed but I also would imagine an equalized correction would work best,
In any case, welcome @Hetukka, if only we had all caught things as early as you are…


Yep Heidi, the journey should be quite fun for you. I would think don’t get yourself started on the cylinder. The optician their practice is if its -0.25 of cylinder, they can dismiss it as negligible or not much difference for you.


@jenniK and @Lloydmom

I ordered two pairs, both eyes -0.5 in one pair and both eyes -0.75 in other pair. I wanted to try wich one is right correction for me. And ended up with -0.5 pair as a backup for those times I need a bit of help.
It is good that this came up, so I could straighten it. My native language isn’t english, so there is plenty of room for mistakes :smiley:


ok! That makes more sense, good call then :smiley:

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Wow Hetukka what a great story! So glad you found your way here. That was quite an over Rx for such a mild annoyance that you described to the doctor. After 3 years I’ve come from -1.75 & -2.0 to -1.25 -1.25. If I went in for an exam today and the examiner put me back to 2.0 I would be so mad! Charlatan!

Great improvements! Keep it up :slight_smile:

I’ve had a bit of a double-vision in my left eye and its measurements have been a bit less than right eye.
I’ve been AFing together both eyes but also separately and last two weeks I’ve been able to clear double from that left eye more and more. This morning almost every time I AFd it, it was clear. I have one fir tree with two top branches (hopefully this translates right :laughing: ) and it is great to do AF with.
Measurements backs up my finding, hopefully this becomes stable situation.

So happy about this, especially cause I’ve had long work days and so little time to practise my distance vision :smiley: