First diopter without AF?

I’m seven months into my EM journey, and have reduced -3.5 to -2.5 in two steps and almost see 20/20 with current normalized. However, I only recently experienced the dramatic effect that AF can have, so I actually didn’t “get it” completely before. Could I still have gotten any actual AL gains? I’ve felt a little effect of clearing the blur and my cm measurements and Snellen results seem okay! So I really don’t think it’s blur adaptation but am feeling a bit weary, I don’t want to waste time by reducing too quickly. (I’ve reduced 0.5 both times, but the second one I actually tried 0.25 reduction first and felt that there was no challenge at all.)

I suppose the actual question is: are real AL gains possible without “real” or “dramatic” AF?

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Congratulations on your progress. Firstly, we do not know for sure that the reduction in myopia is a result of axial shortening, and secondly, there is no need for AF to be dramatic, and not even ‘real’ in the sense that one is conscious of it. Something is happening in the visual cortex, as your own progress has shown. Carry on the way you were doing and if it takes reductions of 0.5 to give you blur challenge, so be it. As you do not have very high myopia, your risk of axial elongation causing retinal problems is greatly reduced, and although axial shortening is desirable for all of us, there is virtually no data supporting the hypothesis of axial shortening being the mechanism of the reduction in myopia with EM.


Retinal problem for moderate myopia.
You have any link . I don’t knew about it

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The yearly incidence of retinal detachment is approximately 0.015% in eyes with up to -4.75 D of myopia , 0.07% in eyes with -5.00 to -9.75 D, and 0.075% in eyes with myopia greater than -10.00 D.

This is just from one paper, and there are plenty of studies that have looked at this.


By doing AF can increas cause of retinal detachment?
In retinal detachment . Our retina loose muscles and now we need to put it farther back.
While doing AF we are encouraging it to come forward . Am I right?
Can it cause of loose retinal

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It is unlikely that AF will cause retinal detachment, but we don’t know. We also don’t know whether AF is a direct cause of axial shortening. The retina doesn’t have muscles. The expectation (hope) is that as myopia reduces the length of the eye reduces. We don’t know which is cause and which is effect, and we are not even sure if there is any correlation between them at all.

I think it might be useful for you to learn some eye anatomy, and there is plenty online that will teach you about this in lesser or greater detail.

Thank you for the clarifications Hannie. I guess it’s both comforting and concerning that we actually don’t know what the physical processes behind the vision improvement are. But such is the nature of experimental science!

I will continue on my journey (just reduced the first bit of my astigmatism I didn’t mention, that’s both interesting and exciting) and do what works!