First gains: Astigmatism practically gone + less spherical!

Hi folks,

You might remember me from posts about how to deal witth cylinder stuff :slight_smile:

I started Endmyopia seriously around May 2018 (I started by changing close-up habits and practicing Active Focus and the like) with a prescription of OS -5.50 and OD -5.50 cyl -1.25 (axis 060).

I started to use my first differentials in November 2018 (money issues before that!), and I had chosen to get OS -4 and OD -4, cyl -1.25. Keeping cylinder the same in order not to confuse my eyes that much.

My eyes were ultra happy with these since day 1, until after 5 weeks I started having severe nausea and vertigo with them. After discussing this with some of you on here, I decided that the most sensible thing to do was to visit an optometrist first and just see what came up before deciding any more changes. I chose a different optometrist this time, so to avoid any resistances (the previous one wasn’t bad at all but seeing my symptoms I wanted a clean slate!).

Result was - astigmatism virtually gone. Poof. Almost all of it :joy::joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My current prescription is: OD -4.75 cyl 0.25, and OS -5.25 cyl 0.50.

I dropped almost an entire cylinder diopter with my first differentials even though I only changed spherical! Plus reduced 0.75 sph in one eye and 0.25 sph in my weaker eye.
This optometrist put some cylinder in my left eye (first time happening) but it’s close to nothing.

Now I’m thinking of not getting any cylinder correction at all for the next differentials and normalized, seeing what a little quantity it is. Even my old optometrist used to think that’s so low that it’s not worth correcting it.

I’m so happy about my first gains on this program!! :slight_smile:

So, moral of my story: time and time again, whenever I get dizzy and nauseous it’s either excess cylinder and/or excess spherical messing me around. Even if at first, you’re doing amazing with them, if something changes, check yourself. That’s my 2 cents and food for thought for anybody out there reducing cylinder. It can happen that even if you don’t tackle it yet whatsoever - the cylinder can drop dramatically or even disappear. I’m amazed to say the least, though by reading some other posts I guess I’m not the only one, which is nice!

I’m really happy about reducing some of my prescription complexity, even if both eyes have a small sph difference between them :slight_smile:



Congratulations, a very motivating story!

It makes me wonder how you arrived at your prescription. I think it’s quite uncommon to see moderate astigmatism on a single eye. From my experience, I always felt like I answered the “is X thicker than Y” questions wrong, which caused my cyl to slowly creep up.

I hope you keep up the gains!


Great success story, Christina!

Just wondering (since I’m experiencing this right now): did your axis number change as well for your new prescritption or are you still at 60°?

All the best!


I started with equal spherical back in the day (my first glasses at 12 years old): -2 myopia on each eye, which a year later became -4 on both.
A year or two after that, I started to have worse sight on my right eye compared to the left (OS -5.25 and OD -5.75, or so, can’t remember but I must have it kept at home somewhere). And that’s where my astigmatism slowly began creeping in. It was always the right eye - the one which became weaker through the years - because as Jake has said on blog posts, most start their myopia with no astigmatism and with both eyes having same spherical.
And I began to see worse, so my old ophthalmologist must have thought - more cylinder for this girl. :sweat_smile:
And later on so began my headaches, dizziness, vertigo… you name it. Most of all of that.
Started my first differentials, active focusing, and this weaker eye in a year has dropped from -6 sph and -1.25 cylinder to -5.25, no cylinder on this same eye. Huge difference!

I’m using my new prescription now and definitely, I don’t need the astigmatism. I also feel those questions are a nightmare, Daniel. It makes one self-doubt, especially if who measures you expects you to know the answer in 5 seconds.

And @Wombatzz, everytime I went to the doc and he increased the cyl, I had a different axis everytime. I had always been between 40-70º but it has never remained constant.
That also makes me think Jake surely has a point when he says astigmatism is largely induced. Otherwise, why would the axis also change every year, even if ever so slightly? It certainly makes one think a lot.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: