First hello from a high myope

Hi everyone, I’m a nurse living in California. I’ve been on quite a struggle with my vision for several years. I got glasses at 6 years old (I’m 30 now) and made my dad cry because I finally saw that trees had leaves rather than being big green shapes. About 5 years ago I made an appointment to get lasik and in the time I had to wear glasses only, started to experiment with taking them off and realized I did have clear vision, it was just super close to my face and I like to say my eyes gave me a really clear “no” on lasik, so I cancelled. I tried the Bates method, ugh. Got way overprescribed for a year and am still struggling with optometrists to find the right Rx. I actually just got a test lens kit today and have been trying it out.
Currently I wear contacts
L -7 -1.75 160 R -5 -2.25 170
I think they’re under what I need, or the CYL is off.
L -8.5 -2.25 160 R -6 -2.5 170
These hurt my face… Something isn’t right.
My experiments with the test lens kit show good distance vision w
L -8 -2 R -6 -2 More testing to follow.

I’m able to find active focus when practicing Trataka, candle gazing. I started getting curious and looking at the glowing red wick and pulled back to blur then was able to relax to clarity.

Any advice is welcome! Especially on using a test lens to find a proper prescription.


Welcome to the forum. I hope the other high myopes, and those with test lens kits, can give you some guidance on your journey. Good luck.


Thank you for your post. How is your improvement going? I would like to try trataka. Is it possible for you to share a video or link how to practice it correctly? Thank you so much for your response in advance!

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