First normalized after measuring for 4 weeks


I am ready to order my first normalize after measuring my eyesight for 4 weeks. Now my question is : do I have to reduce the diopter I get from Jake calculator if I want to add my cylinder back or just take the measurement and add the cylinder.


If for example I get -5 diopter on Jake calculator and I need -1 cylinder to be added.

Should the prescription be:

-4.5 spherical, -1 cylinder


-5 spherical, -1 cylinder

Thanks so much in advance


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Stephane - please read some more. Excellent that you have been measuring and presumably confident in doing so. These measurements are what your ‘true’ Rx should be, provided you are measuring correctly. From there it is important that you read enough to figure out the best plan for you. This excellent post by @Laurens provides lots of good information: Start your improvement here

Thee is a ton of information on this site and with just about everyone is locked down there is plenty of time to educate yourself. It’s well worth the effort. Best of luck.


Thanks so much the info. Will go back to re-read the post again, maybe I did not see the answer on my first pass. :+1: