First Presbyopia Video Uploaded

–> PRESBYOPIA Video Explainer Bits

Next in the queue is making the myopia+presbyopia video, which will be available just here in the group.


Already a few people asking for someone to explain everything to them in the comments on YouTube. One even wants to know exactly what to do every hour of the day from morning to night. Wow! Can’t be bothered to go an learn for themselves.

Wow, opposite refractive error and opposite aproach. It makes sense. Just let’s hope we won’t need that info in future.

Interesting question whether the eyes of people with presbyopia have acutally shortened or not - I bet you it depends on their habits. If they keep their reading glasses on for extended periods of time while looking into the distance, the myopic defocus should stimulate shortening (just like the mechanism we use to revert myopia) but I think many “normal sighted” people use reading glasses just for reading. In which case they probably just have a lazy ciliary.


It’s quite possible, I just prefer not to guess on the record. If anything it’d be a very small change since 3 diopters equal 1mm on average.

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Amazing waterfall and forest footage at the end, Jake! And so great to see pretty baby mama, too.


Thanks! Managed almost 40 years before getting roped in. :smiley:


Not sure if I’m remembering correctly, but I thought I read somewhere, maybe in the FaceBook group, that the second video was available. Can’t seem to find it with the search feature. I definitely could use this one. I noticed about a year ago that my progress was pretty much stalled and it was getting more difficult to see clearly up close, so I started trying to troubleshoot and measured my nearpoint for the first time (always afraid to before, since that’s a “close work” stimulus! must have none of that!) and discovered that it was just a few millimeters away from my far point. Kinda got scared at that point, since I had the sneaking suspicion that all the focus pulling I had been doing naked eye was somehow targeting the near point and drawing it out rather than the far point. But then I figured, this is another piece to the puzzle, have to figure out where it goes and what to do with it. Logically, I had the thought and read elsewhere that if we’re targeting the far point to draw it out, then we would need to target the near point to draw it in. I haven’t turned it into a habit, yet, but the few times I’ve done it seem to temporarily give me an easier time to focus pull right after the strain wears off.

Did I miss the second (LeMeow only) video? Can’t find it anywhere.

@mko - Hardened lens, less accommodation range. You keep reducing that range with higher plus. If they’re also myopic in particular, they’re not going to experience axial shortening.