First progress report & questions

hi everyone - I’m not one to post long stories, so will keep it short. Been reading & practising the general endmyopia habits from afar but never really jumping in consistently until I noticed same issues with my 13 year old kiddo. So finally after making many excuses I’m getting serious about self-care. Had a question about cylinder:

My Feb 2020 prescription:

Right: -8.00 (sphere), no cyl, no axis, +0.50 (Addition), no prism
Left: -7.50 (sphere), no Cyl, no Axis, +0.50 (Addition), no prism

My April 2021 numbers from the opthamologist:

Right: -7.75 (sphere), -0.50 (Cyl), 135 (Axis), +0.75 (Addition), no prism
Left: -7.50 (sphere), no Cyl, no Axis, +0.75 (Addition), no prism

I know it’s not herculean gains, but I do feel really good about seeing a -7 in both eyes now . Gives me so much hope. So based on the course I want to order the following - does it sound ok to ignore the cylinder & addition? I know it’s suggested to reduce cylinder slowly but I think 0.5 should be ok?

Fully prescribed:

Right: -7.75 (sphere), ignore cylinder, ignore addition
Left: -7.50 (sphere), no Cyl, no Axis, ignore addition

Lens type: Due to high myopia and after watching Jakes videos I think I have to get high index, polycarbonate, but should I get the anti-reflective coating?

For Close up/differentials: I still need to do the calculation on this. But wanted to get my full prescription ordered first. Any help appreciated!


Throw that cylinder out in the trash like you said, and count your blessings for a less complex journey to 20/20. Jake recommends the anti-reflective coating, if it’s cheap enough might as well go for it, although the coating isn’t a huge deal either way.

I made a vid on how to calculate distance to blur and diffs here

I’d really recommend going to the lowest index as soon as possible when you can, higher index glasses introduce stuff like chromatic abberation and might make things less pleasant. Check out some pictures of the thickness of the lower myopia glasses and judge when you’re ready to jump to -1.5 index.

Good luck :slight_smile:


If you are enrolled in the official Back to 20/20 course and looking for @jakey 's advise, post your question here:

If you are referring to the 7 day guide or to the Le Rough Guide, you are at the best place to get supporting ideas :slight_smile:

In my opinion the R: -7.75 and L: -7.50 and nothing else added sound good for full prescription. Once you have them, test them on the Snellen and on signs outdoors to make sure you have enough clarity to use them as full prescription and not just as norms.
Anti reflective coating is recommended. No need to take the other fancy add-ons.

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Yeah, don’t start adding cylinder now. Get your differentials and later see what you will need for normalized.


Excellent! Thanks for the tip. Yes I paid for the course a while back so will definitely post in support forum. Thanks!

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Thank you!

Great. Thank you.

:grimacing::+1:t2: Thanks for supporting the bits! And yes, I’m over there every day, and answer allllll questions.