Floaters during night-time

My floaters are more obvious in night than in day time, whenever I look at the street light, there are very long and divergent bright lines (orange lines shown in the photo below), and they have not been disappeared since one year ago. However, in day time, I only experience transparent shadows under sunlight (also won’t go away), and no any floaters in viewing screens or time without exposure to light. Do anyone have the same experience as mine? I have gone to eye doctor, and she said my eyes are completely healthy.

Are you sure they are floaters? What you have described sounds to me more like just defocus, like light rays not focusing correctly on your retina, perhaps especially when your pupil is dilated. Having lights at night have this sort of refraction was one of my early myopia symptoms (making night driving the first situation where I realised I needed glasses).


Doctor said my symptoms are categorized as floaters (line moves when my eye moves), although I don’t have dark spots that most of the people are seeing. I guess it is not about the problem of refraction, as I still see those lines after wearing my full prescription glasses. I think the reason of getting those divergent lines is the excessive eye strain, I practiced swinging from Bates constantly by turning the head left & right, and after few weeks I began to see horizontal lines. Or might because I tried to hard to push my eyes to do active focus…
They have not been disappeared and changed direction since last year (FEB 2019). The doctor guessed it is the degeneration of vitreous humor.
People said they could ignore floaters as time passes, but those long lines are still much distracting for me at the moment.

Oh, wow. Interesting. That doesn’t sound like fun.

Quite depressed whenever I walk out at night

Floaters in my experience are nearly impossible to see in high contrast situation like your street light example. Mine are only visible looking at blue sky or something similar.

Good luck with your issue.

so it seems like your type of floaters are flashers, which are like light streaks or camera flashes. as far as I know, the vitreous tries to pull away from the retina, thats when it signals a spark of light. Its apparently not dangerous, unless there is a tear in the retina.
its best to always check with a 2nd or 3rd ophthalmologist just in case there is more to it.

You can also try the pineapple experiment, where the studies shows :pineapple:increases the vitreous gel, so that can be a long worthwhile experiment to try.


Thankyou for your advice. Hearing some of the people in this blog mentioned their improvements after the pineapple experiment, I look forward to trying it! However, I am wondering if eating pineapple or the bromelain supplement is more effective, as I heard bromelain is only concentrated in stems.

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I don’t know what is more effective, but I am a bit supporter of the idea that whole foods are the best way to receive nutritional benefit. We know a lot about food and nutrients, but not enough to really understand how it all works together. But that is just my position. There are studies showing success by taking Bromelain in your pineapple or separate from your pineapple, so maybe your decision would be better to be based in what is available or what is more affordable or what is more simple or what is more delicious. :wink: