Florian Made His Own Lenses!

This is pretty cool. One of our BackTo20/20 members, Florian, went out and bought a lens cutter online, and made his own lenses. Talk about some full scale DIY effort!

If you’re a BackTo20/20 member, the forum thread is here: https://backto2020.endmyopia.org/myopia-forums/topic/make-your-own-glasses/#post-42100

I also asked him if he’d want to share here, let’s see whether he might stop by and regale us with some lens cutting tales. :wink:


That’s one hell of an uberkitten (not the Uber app kind of course). Really impressive stuff. He’d make a nice addition here, hopefully he’ll sign up and starts selling lenses in here :shopping_cart:


I admit: I’m just too lazy for that!
Very impressed though! :+1:

Ooooh that’s cool! :star_struck:

I wonder what kind of lenses he can make. Could this be used to make aspherical lenses? Or going more precise than 0.25 steps? Gotta admit, I know almost nothing about the process of lens making.