FMR’s Update Journal #3 - First Reduction plus Tackling Overuse and fatigue, intermittent ciliary spasm, over-saturated retinal receptors, etc

As usual for me, I’m opening my next journal a few months ahead of time so I can get a jump on the next phase.

Step 3 is going to by my very first binocular lens reduction. I should be ready for it sometime in the first half of 2020. This journal will detail that process.

In addition, there is something that needs to start getting ironed out first. That is visual fatigue from too much and improper close-up screen use. This journal will also detail that. Ideas are welcome. I think a lot of my issue with astigmatism is from the close-up strain, so this journal will also help with that.

Journal 2 will continue to be where the bulk of my updates go as I equalize. I update journal 1 occasionally still, when something relevant happens.

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Good luck for this next phase of your journey. Overcoming small screen (or any screen) addiction is a big issue for many, and for those who want to keep a good eye on this, some form of record keeping is necessary, if not your formula for calculating close-up time. Will I be, at any point, allowed to gloat because I have avoided addiction to it?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That does sound like a good idea. And I’ll take ideas for keeping track of time. I’m not good at that type of logging…so tedious.

As far as the lens progression, I’m projecting it’s going to go like this:

  1. Keep phasing in the -3.50 normalized.
  2. Get -2.75 computer differentials.
  3. Get -3.75 normalized.
  4. Reduce diffs to -2.50 first if ready
  5. Reduce norms back to the current -3.50 pair but with reduced myopia by then

Not sure how long I’m going to be with the -3.50 for this first round while still increasing power, but maybe I probably can keep it to 3 months. The bigger question is how long I will feel the need to stay with -3.75 before I’m ready for my first normalized reduction…


I’m at -3.75 normalized/distance power, and have been for a long time. -2.75 for computer. I have no desire or intention to try to lower that at this time. I’m not actively pursuing myopia improvement at this time due to other reasons.

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