Formatting posts esp refractions part

Is there a mini “guide to style” or just a simple Editor Help document somewhere on the site that suggests how to format the following into something more readable?

-4.5/-1.75 L -4.5/-2.25 then: (notice equalizing 0.25 CYL while also replacing 0.5 CYL with -0.25 SPH)
-4.25/-1.75 L -4.25/-2.25 then:
-4.25/-1.75 L -4.25/-2 then:
-4/-1.75 L -4/-1.75 then:

I have looked and didn’t find any. I worked 20+ years in software but didn’t use the markup languages long enough to put them permanently into my memory. I would like to avoid spamming the reader base with my not-quite correct use of Blockquote / preformatted / Options etc.

I’m talking presumably about standardizing on monospaced font and which eye is listed first (right like the optometrists do left as seems more logical to me and a lot of other people).

The above more or less forces me to copy the text to an editor and reformat it there before I read.


There’s always the option of HTML in here,

so pre tags are an option...

or if you wanted an actual table,,
or in markdown, code goes in backticks…not sure if that’s what you mean.
I’ll leave your other questions to someone who knows more about them :slight_smile:

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Not sure, but I feel strongly that we should always list the right eye first (unless we label them), and use the same rough format optometrists do…

OD: -2.75, -0.50 x075
OS: -2.50, -0.50 x066

Where the colons, commas, and “x” are optional, but the placeholder zeros are not.

As many people here do, you can also write out:
"SPH, “sph”, “sphere”, “spherical”, “diopters spherical”, or “DS” for spherical. And “CYL”, “cyl”, “cylinder”, “cylindrical”, “diopters cylindrical”, or “DC” for cylindrical. “OU” can be used for “both eyes”. And “ADD” or “add” for Add power; “PRISM”, “prism”, “PRSM”, or “prsm” for Prism.

I also feel like people here are sophisticated enough that we can handle diopters without the urge to give or receive direct diopter advice.

As an aside, I once heard about an emmetropic optometrist who used to put on his patient’s glasses to check them…even the ones that were -16 or some strange cyl, and claimed he could do so without damaging his vision. What the heck…? It’s like baking cookies…you don’t always have to eat them if you’re baking for a living!