Frame designed to change lens

Apologies if there is a past thread on this, but I can’t find one, perhaps because I don’t know what to call it.
Anyway, I recall that there is a possibility to buy frames so that you change the lens instead of buying a new glasses each time you require a new reduction. I would like to find out more and likely give it a go if I can get required lenses.

Where do I get the initial frames? Is there a website somewhere? Where do I buy the lens? If on eBay, how do to ensure the lenses would fit the frame? Do you cut the lens for a frame, if so how do you cut the lens?

A quick thanks to @Jakey who planted this idea of doing this in one of his video talks long ago.

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It’d probably have to be some company that provides a standard set.

Otherwise raw lenses come as big round things, and somebody has to cut them to fit the template usually provided with the frames.

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Maybe this is why they’re so expensive?? :wink:

‘Venturing into homebrew glasses’ is the thread you are looking for.
I don’t know where she got the frames. But it seems you have to cut the lenses yourself - she claims it is not rocket science :wink:
If Zenni could sell me single lenses to fit into the same frame I have already bought 10 pairs of, that would be nice. But as they are cheap frames, they do not make up much of the cost of the glasses. I have had to trim one of the lenses slightly ( a sharp knife will do the job) to fit into a mix and match pair, but I would find it daunting to cut out the correct shape of a lens, with the correct pupil distance, from a big round one. I only swop around the much thinner right lens, as the thickness of the left lenses makes me a little cautious about popping them in and out. I have a lot of left-lensed Zenni’s waiting for the left eye to get a move on. The right is outrunning the reductions.


yes. just find the right optic shop.

Zenni: keep getting the same $5 pair of glasses in different powers

Superior Optical (my local shop): first time I went in and bought frames and lenses. After that I just kept ordering new lenses and they changed them for me.

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Right, do you know of any such company, and that do lens that requires prisms?

Zenni does it cheaply.

Reglazing service is done by a few shops. The problem is you have to send them the frames. If they had the templates there to the frames they sell, then I’d consider reglazing.

With my local optic shop I just handed over the frames when new lenses were ready then they’d give me the frame back with new lenses an hour later

Search youtube for “change your eyeglass lenses”.

I’m not sure I understand the core motivation of this thread but apparently getting the lenses in and out does not require an optician’s education.

Yeah, but getting them to send just the ready-cut-lenses (so you could pop them in the frames yourself) is impossible. Nobody has a lens cutting machine at home (to start with raw lenses)? Last time I asked the local shop for swapping just the lenses, it was €150 per lens. But if some online store would offer frames for that purpose (they’d know the measurements of it, so you wouldn’t have to send them the frames), then they could, in theory, send just the lenses all ready to pop in. But I guess it’s not much of a business for them.

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So I actually have been doing this for the past 10 months but didn’t bring it up because it might be taboo since it involves test lenses and dialing in your own pupillary distance.

Anywho I found a frame that was just slightly larger than my test lenses, so i bought the frames, made a minor modification to the lens holder and popped em in. The only issues are that the lenses are so small that they are really only good for reading and you may need to modify them to fit your PD.

I thought about getting a Jewelers kit and making a wire frame from scratch that fit a larger test lens kit, but I’m not that into arts and crafts.