Frustrated and confused, but progress?

I can’t say that I have consciously found active focus, although I am trying on many occasions to do so: look at a letter/word, try to relax my eyes, focus, and see if the word clears up. I do this it without glasses (I’m about -5.00 on the left and -5.5 on the right). .
Usually, the word doesn’t clear up, at least that’s how I feel.

Maybe once or twice a day, I would stare at the word longer. the word doesn’t clear up until I stare at it till my eyes sting, at which point, the word clears up for just a moment and I would blink and the sharpness disappears again. But those are very brief moments that feel too ‘effortful’, in context of all the natural effort that seems to precede all the successful Active Focus-ers.

The point is, in the meantime, I have been keeping up with measuring my edge-of-blur distance with the mobile app. To my surprise, my progress chart does indicate a clear improvement (generally, there is an upward curve). We’re speaking of something like a 0.6 diopter improvement. (This is in span of about month, measuring every 2-3 days).

So, I’m frustrated for still feeling unfamiliar with AF, confused that my cm measurements are improving, and slightly happy that I can perhaps say that I am in fact making progress.

Could it be that for people whose eyesights are more myopic, the initial improvements are not that noticeable? Or perhaps that they may end up doing active focus without their knowing? since that 'clearing process seems so minimal?

If anyone seems to have similar experiences, please comment below.

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this is usually the case with the hardest part in my opinion that requires the most patience and hard work is finding active focus. Which is like jake guru mentioned . Like knowing how to raise your eyebrow. It exists but its hard to explain in a tangible way . Keep going and pushing through with whatver your doing lookup examples and more information of people who found active focus and try relaxing more on the active focus part . When your able to get past this point, then your set on your journey. GOODLUCK :DDDDDDD

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I’ve been wondering about this too! For me, there’s regular AF (things clear up, yay!) and then there’s super AF where my eyes sting and everything becomes CRYSTAL clear. I read one article that referenced this stinging, but otherwise haven’t found anything else about it. I’ve been so curious as to why it’s happening though. I believe the article I read connected it to ciliary spasm being released, which makes me wonder if my eyes are still primarily … spasming? Not sure. I’m still not clear on all the spasm details. If anyone has any insights, plz share!

PS- similarly to you, I started at -5 and -5.25. I’ve been working on my vision for almost a year, but incorrectly for most of that time (big, sudden decrease. oops.). Progress is slow, but it’s happening, and I have enough magic moments with my eyes that I feel it’s worth the effort.

I am trying to follow what you are doing. So you are in the -5 ish diopter range (significant myopia), and you try to active focus without glasses? I am not sure why you would choose to do that.
I am thinking you need to read some more on the forum. A lot more. Read, understand and apply the concept of normalized glasses. Understand what the active focus is, at the edge of blur…
The phenomenon you are talking about, where you experience 2 or 3 clear flashes in a day while you stare at words is not active focusing. It may have more to do with the tears forming in your eyes, which will shift how light refracts overall. That is not what you should be aiming for.

Happy reading It’s very interesting, and in many cases entertaining, as most of us made lots of mistakes, and are mot afraid to share those as well. Not a perfect trip, but it sure is rewarding.


I like this pic to describe the clearing of blur.
Clearing from 0 to 1 can be as good as clearing from 2 to 4.
But preference falls more around clearing from 1 to 2, 1 to 3 or from 2 to 3.
It all depends on the distance, how it feels in your eyes, how easy it is to maintain, do you achieve it by focusing or by relaxing, what your vision is like the next day, etc

In my view, there are 4 categories for the descriptions of “clearing up vision”, and though I separated them in this post, actually some of them can fire up together. E.g. the No3 type of focus often bring along AF. I’d say if there’s a sting it is No3 or No4.


You’ll get there mate. The fact that you can do, even just very briefly, means you’re on your way. You’ve got it, you just need to keep practising and it will eventually become easy.

When I first started, rather than trying to clear up real blur, I would get back from the screen just enough that the words would go from black to a kind of greyish but still realtively clear if that makes sense. Then just stare at it and the word would slowly go black again. Then move back a touch until they go grey again and repeat. That’s how I did it anyway, everyone is different.

I started with -5 in both eyes, as do a lot of people including Jake, so that’s no an issue.


Print pushing is my main go to for now, and it’s active focus, as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I’m not wearing glasses to do that. For distance active focus, yeah, I wear glasses. Hope that clears things up.

Thank you for responding. I am a high myope with 1.25 years of EM under my belt. I have learned a few things, some the hard way, others from other forum members’ experience.
I have pushed my eyes hard in the beginning, and although I have seen improvements (fast and at short intervals), I can say that they have taxed my limits of adjustment too.
In January of this year I changed directions: went for slow and steady, with repeated and consistent reminders of what clear vision should look like. After being stuck for a while at the same level, switching to this strategy gave my eyes permission to improve another .25D in less than a month.

While what you are doing can be a form of active focusing, it is not sustainable, in my opinion, as a long term strategy. I would think, as myopes, we want to retrain our eyes to do what they were made to do: natural, easy transitioning between long, medium and short distances, and be able to focus without strain. Like going to the gym to build endurance and strength.

Then again, this EM is definitely a diy exercise. You, read, understand, learn and apply based on your eyes and your personal circumstances.


I agree with @SeeTheLight you are pushing your eyes too hard and crossing that line between excessive strain and good stimulus. You will have a much more pleasant experience if you follow the method more closely. Also more consistent gainz. Print pushing at your level of myopia is best practiced with differentials. Also maybe this can help you more with AF A little help with Active Focus - YouTube
Best Wishes

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