Fun things on our EM journey


so we are all on a great journey and hopefully having some fun along the way! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
This post is to share those little endmyopia-caused funny anecdotes.

I was on a beautiful camp-hike trip with a friend. We were hiking along a river, there was a road on the other side of it, but we were on a trail. He was cutting himself a walking pole - from living bushes, not sure if it was allowed. I was enjoying the sun, when he said: Well, if you see someone, please do warn me, ok?
Me: Now that you mention it, I think someones standing there down the path.
He, looking in that direction: Where?
Me: Well, over there.
He: Where?
Me: Over there, in that white shirt!
He: Oh. Youre talking about the back of the traffic sign, right? :rofl:
Yes, I was :rofl:
Thanks to him, I could immediately clear up the image. :slight_smile:



When you get too optimistic.

Like when i went into the optho the other day and got their dark room score and it reminded me how the glasses industry just assumes your blind as a bat.

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