🎥 Gemily, Reannon, David, & Jake: Le Secret Meeting

SOOOOOO. We got together, forum members going all off-page, off-script, off-text, and had a chat.

About eyeballs and the forum non-public-ness, and lots of random things.


I’m thinking there’s something in a more people-focused format. Less text, more chats. Not sure where that goes or how it works or what’s in it, but here it is anyway. (on Youtube but entirely unlisted - ie. nobody will see it without the direct link)

Thoughts welcome!


I loved this one. It was nice to meet David in ‘real’. I do think it is great to have more than just text to base a judgement on, but as an old person with a wide exposure to written language, I get a pretty good idea of people based on enough text. This is more difficult when they are not native English speakers, but as I have a lot of experience in that as well, sooner or later I get a feel for them.

David, your English accent matches your English grammar. :laughing: I know you have a good sense of humour, so I hope I do not get ‘cancelled’ for this.

p.s. The cat is back, and so is the old lady. You have made me feel a bit paranoid about removing them. Boldly we go!


Look at your stunning supermodel smile in the thumbnail, Jake! Haha! Next time you do one, you should get everyone to do a nice (or silly) face for a moment to use as a thumbnail. :wink: Then again, that may be a fair bit of work for your “record and upload” style.


So good to see you again, Hannie. :slight_smile:

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What a nice video. Loved the interaction between you all. I also think there are more topics that bind us. Would certainly watch if you expand.
When I signed on for the seven day email I wasn’t prepared for the deep dive in this topic (Just the steps please) but once you told how to measure our eyes I was sold and very happy to discover this forum with all the interesting topic and views.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:ت so excited to watch it

Awesome format, definitely go further with it :grin:

Making beards out of hair too :+1:. Jake beard and robes profile picture when?

As for my video quality not being as good as @gemilymez’s, I think something might’ve been lost in paraphrasing or sarcasm there. But I’ll roll with it! rocky theme plays


Bring it. :wink:
Still waiting for those high fructose vids you promised…


Multiple people are good to a degree. Would recommend each video has a specific topic focus.
Keep the videos short, 20 minutes is already to long. A longer time for a podcast is okay.


I would argue, but you are totally right :rofl:

Maybe I should replace @jakey in Endmyopia videos: for the guru image I don’t need fake beard and I don’t need fake accent :smiley:


A Hungarian Guru - wow!

Or rather a “táltos” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Táltos ), but yeah :smiley:


That will also do nicely.

Ohhh boy. I literally took about four seconds to scrub to find something that looked passable, screenshot, save.

Now I’ll have to go back and make sure I’m not favoring my own appearance. :smiley:

I … don’t know what I’m talking about. This should be assumed at all times. :joy:

Next time we’ll have to include Andrew. Obviously.

I’ll just wink here, conspiratorially.


Also, just watched Kunaré with my cousin. It was pretty good!!!

I wish they hammed up the reveal a bit more though, I really did stick through the whole thing for the reveal :stuck_out_tongue:

April Fools Jake Kunaré parody?


I enjoyed listening to all 4 of you. I’ll definitely be watching any future episodes.

I felt like I had already met Jake, Gemily and Reannon. It was very nice hearing David. Reading his posts now I’ll know more of who he is.

Thanks for sharing with the forum.


True, they don’t know me but I know them very well :male_detective:


I always knew you were actually a cat!

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Which then drags on for months and months?


It annoys me when I don’t get to be the one to be creepy.

Also, you know … welcome to join one of these anytime. Your choice of topic and all. :wink: