Gem's EndMyopia Journey

Hello hello,

I have loved watching other people’s YouTube videos documenting their journeys, so I thought I would do the same!
I posted two video updates last night, so there are 3 videos now (before yesterday it was just one video of me saying “I’m going to try this thing!”).
So, I thought I would share now that I actually am underway.
Feel free to follow along if you are interested.
(the text overlay on the first video is out of sync - too late to fix it now shrug)



I enjoyed your story so far! Thanks.

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I recorded another update over Christmas. Posted it to youtube last night.
I have also gone ahead and replaced my smart phone with an old fashioned nokia.
Trying to start this new year doing things with intentionality, not just going with the unhealthy flow of things. I will be editing my video about my big phone rewind soon too.


Just posted another video. This one is one month after replacing my smart phone with the nokia, and I let you know exactly what impact this has had on my vision.


Had a quick look - 18 minutes is too long for me to watch through but it made me realise how I miss British accents :slight_smile: especially from the ladies, ladies with British accents are what I miss most, and not the chavvy accents but yours is nice :slight_smile: sorry for the OT :smiley:

Yeah I know you’re in australia but your accent is not that different from some southern British ones

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Fair enough. 18 minutes is pretty long. Longer than my normal videos. I usually aim for closer to 10mins.

If you (or anyone) just wants to get to the proper vision-related update, skip to 12:48 in the video. Then watch until 17:00, and you would have heard all the proper EndMyopia stuff in just over 4 minutes if that is better.

It’s true my accent is not very broad for an Australian. I blame a combination of having visited relatives in England a number of times, and watching too many BBC TV shows. Haha. Where are you from?


Originally Hungary but lived in the south of England for many years :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re doing it! Like the video format, too. :slight_smile:


Very nice! And good luck improving those cms!

Waiting for the next installment.



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Yay! So exciting to finally be on the move. Quite some learning and life tweaking involved there!
I have two more EndMyopia vlogs coming in the next two weeks. Hopefully a bit shorter than my last one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thanks for watching along. :heart:


Thanks for putting together the video! I really enjoyed it.

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sing song voice
I made a-nother oooooone.


Yay, video updates! :+1:


Yes, equalize means both norms and diffs :slightly_frowning_face:

Love the video, it’s just adhd enough! Very entertaining.

I actually am 1.25 weaker in sphere and 0.50 weaker in cylinder than my norms. If that makes sense.

I’m “leading” my cylinder down with my diffs.

Apropos of nothing, that reminds me of my favorite definition:

A meeting is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured, then quietly strangled.


Having to deal with the astigmatism too sounds complicated. I read your post about your eye journey so far and I really am amazed by how you are managing to work with the cyl numbers as well as sph. My cyl being super low, I didn’t neeeeeed to wear my glasses when they were just an astigmatism prescription. So I am hoping when I kick the myopia I can go back to neglecting my astigmatism anyway. Haha.

A propos your favourite definition: I hadn’t heard that before but it sure does sound accurate. :laughing:


I made another one. :slight_smile:


Also, I just took my cm measurements, just using the calculator ( and my left eye measured at 38cm, my right eye measured at 46cm!!! Last time I measured it was 44cm! And I started at 36cm with ciliiary spasm, and 39cm without. I was so surprised! I just kept moving further and further away from the computer screen and was wondering “have I forgotten how to do this? Because I can’t see where things are starting to blur any more. It all looks the same to me.” And then I reached my edge of blur. Of goodness me!

Also, for the first time I could actually notice my astigmatism! In my left eye I was thinking “hmm, that C is a bit of a funny shape”. I have never done much with astigmatism because I actually never saw it like that - I have always experienced it as just some double vision at a distance (before I got myopic - now it’s just lost in the blur). Whoo! I was not expecting more discoveries just now. Eep! Exciting!

And here I was thinking I had been rather slack - I went on holiday and ended up putting my sim back into my smart phone because I needed to look up maps and things, which meant I was using my smart phone again, and since I will forever be a recovering smart phone addict, I couldn’t stop myself from using it too much. Have switched back to my Nokia flip phone now that I am home, but I was worried about those 5hr screen time days…


Great video, very helpful :grin: There are so many details in the Endmyopia process it’s easy to overlook or forget some of them.
Congrats on your progress!


Excellent summary - both for newbies and those who might need some reminders.

  1. making lists. I do a lot of this, too!

  2. had a hard time not looking at the screen during your video :slightly_smiling_face:

  3. do you think it’s OK to use the smartphone to listen to audiobooks? :crazy_face:

  4. I was curious to hear more about your equalizing phases. I’ve done two as well. My non-dominant eye seems to be a little recalcitrant in its cylinder but I’m upping my patching, as well as modifying my differentials to try to force more clarity out of the lens and cornea.

  5. screen time is my nemesis, too.