Gem's EndMyopia Journey

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A devoted Endmyopia student. :smile:

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Hey Gemily,

Are you doing any patching or specific practice for the one weaker eye?

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If that makes you feel any better, I will soon order my third set of glasses with the same diopters :smiley: Though for me it’s frame changes. I started with metal frames and got 3-4 differentials down to -1.5 and normalized from -3.75 to down to -2.75. Then realized I hate the pads on those frames and like the plastic frames much better (also looks better on me). So I’ve re-ordered which I still needed then (so -3.25 and below) and of course normalized. So I have all glasses from -3.25 down to -1.00. And then recently I’ve needed to re-order my -1.5 differential because of wear and tear, so I’ve tried clear plastic frames… and hey those feels really great! So now the plan is to order glasses again, to have them with clear frames… :sweat_smile: I’ve already have my next normalized with clear (so -2.75. I always order 2 glasses at once because of shipping cost), though I’m not sure how long will it be to go down there, and my current -3.00 lenses started to get scratches, and also I would need them later as night drive glasses, so… yeah, maybe I need to re-order -3.00 too.
Anyhow, these things happens anyway I think, even if you don’t order all the glasses in advance :slight_smile:

And yes, I definitely agree on clear frames. I also never felt that non-clear frames disturb me in any way, but after trying the clear ones, it’s definitely a big difference. Fortunately Zenni also have $6.95 ones of those :slight_smile:


I was, but my eye wasn’t responding to it so I let it slide. I will start doing it again though.


In my thread, you can see that I was stepping back and forth both with equalising and with SPH.
-2.25D / -2.00D - starting point, not equal
-1.50D / -1.25D - not equal
-1.25D / -1.25D - first equal
-1.00D / -1.00D
-0.75D / -0.75D
-0.75D / -0.50D - not equal again - just because it felt better
-0.50D / -0.50D - equal lower
-0.75D / -0.75D - equal higher
-0.50D / -0.50D - equal lower
-0.75D / -0.75D - equal higher
-0.50D / -0.50D - equal lower
Note: this was the change when I felt that my vision with equal was really better than with a 0.25D difference. As I keep saying, my eyes are not completely equal and never will be (like right hand and left hand), but by now they feel better with the same corrections than with the unequal ones.
-0.25D / -0.25D
-0.50D / -0.50D
-0.25D / -0.25D

My additional comments based on my experience:

I never worried about stepping back and forth. I looked at it as “training time” and “effortless good vision time”. So when I thought I was ready to challenge myself I went for it, and when I thought the effort was getting a bit too much I changed back to a correction requiring less efforts. (After all, there is a thing called life to deal with in the meantime, sometimes with less sleep, more stress, etc. Conditions are not always ideal for EM, but luckily EM is not a game of “all or nothing”)

I kept telling myself I was favouring one eye with the lower corrections, the other eye with the higher corrections, and none of it was wasted time, but part of the training to get equal. Dipping toes in the future, but leaving the door open to step back and relax when needed.
Cylinders and equalising require a lot of adjustments from the brain, too, anyway. Every stepping back - even if to the same previous corrections - felt different, less needed. Until the point when I felt that the stepping back was no longer needed at all.
The only thing I paid attention to is not to change too quickly, to leave enough days between changes (anything from 5 days to a few weeks), to be able to judge how it worked. Is it a challenge? or is it hard work? If meaningless hard pushing no real results => just took a break by stepping back for a while.

The other thing is that the lower the diopter is, the bigger the difference is in the distance to blur. So 0.25D does matter. It can easily mean 8+ meters of difference if your quicker eye is already scratching 20/15 and the slower one is just cementing -0.25D. I like to keep my team together :slight_smile:

So don’t be afraid of stepping back when needed. Your time with the double drop normalised was not wasted, just an early test for the future. Maybe the double drop triggered your eyes to at least sort one of the 0.25D differences, and apparently it was the cyl part.
Whatever corrections you use, just make sure to work around the edge of blur in close-up and to practice distance vision as much as possible. If too busy for walks, just make sure you have regular breaks away from the screen.


Yeah, it’s a really good mindset. It’s always good to keep in mind that it’s practically impossible to get ciliary spasm with non-close-up vision, even if the normalized is a bit too strong (it’s obviously different in close-up and with differentials). So putting back a bit higher diopter won’t cause any regression.


Yep same frame makes all the didnt know that would have moments easier. Swapping lenses is good plus No one knows you’re wearing different ones when you need a differential

@gemilymez hope all is well and it’s more the pleasant things (exploring new area outdoors, getting used to all new things) that keep you away from here and from posting videos.
Looking forward to the next sign of life. :blush: Take care!

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Thank you so much, @BiancaK - I have arrived in our new home, but had no internet! Had to get it all set up, and all the waiting. :sweat_smile: I had a little internet via my phone, but not enough to do anything useful with.
I am still unpacking, and still adjusting to a new job, and so to a new routine, but I am hopeful that I will be able to make more time for my treasured EM community again. My eyes need the motivation of all of you, that is for sure.
Anyway, just so you don’t have to miss me too much :wink:

(2 days late thanks to no internet).

Thanks for the sign of life. Glad to hear all is well. :blush:

Wow wow wow. Big congrats on passing the test :+1:t2:
Having it confirmed by an “authority figure”, must be super motivating to continue the journey.
(“Because I can” what an insult :rofl:)

I wonder how a printed chart is different from a screen chart for the eye for a test. If the practice in front of the screen EM students do in differentials is helping extra.


Good to hear all went well, and that your norms are legal for driving. A nice bit of ‘outside’ confirmation there.


We hope so too! You have been missed.


Great post!
I’m moving soon, scared about how much im going to use my phone during that period!

Grats for the official confirmation :slight_smile:

Your use of words made me thinking… currently on Endmyopia mostly we use “prescription” and “correction” as synonyms. But it would be much clear to use as you used: “prescription” means and only means diopter correction given by optometrist / ophthalmologist, and simply use “correction” when it’s a self choosen diopter correction. It would be more clear (than just using correction all the time) and then we definitely do not clash with the “don’t self medicate” tribes (like we would do if we would use prescription all the time).


Eh who says prescription when they mean self-chosen lens strength? That’s apples and oranges

A lot of people on Endmyopia :smiley: I think in older posts / videos maybe even Jake do that.

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maybe, but it’s strange to me, cos it uses a defined word for something else. It’s like taking an orange and saying “this is an apple” :stuck_out_tongue:

Are smudged glasses ruining my progress? My glasses seem to be smudged all the time! And I am worried that this is slowing my progress in my EndMyopia natural vision improvement journey…

New video from @gemilymez


Grasping at straws? Set a timer to remind yourself to take a close vision break and clean your glasses at the same time. You could even give yourself a little zero diopter reset while you give them a thorough cleaning. :smile:

I hope you and your chappie have settled in well in your new home.

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