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I’m wary too. Even though I studied Psych, I’m still pretty math minded so, I’m like what does a Theology/Divinity person even learn about. I’m pretty removed from standard Western idea of religion, so that whole area is quite foreign to me.
So, like do you know Greek? Is there something about biblical language that makes it special or is that topic too much work to talk about in a forum?
The thesis sounds awesome though. My bet is that God as the ground of all being tends or beingness itself has better both personal and societal implications.


Biblical Greek is different from modern Greek or Classical Greek - just a snapshot of the language at that point in its evolution, so pretty useless for reading classical Greek philosophers or for speaking Greek on a nice Greek island holiday. But pretty useful for reading the New Testament in its original language and not having to rely solely on other people’s translations/interpretations.

Not going to be vague - I agree with you. God as the ground of all being makes more sense to me, although I am trying to play fair in my thesis and give the personalistic view of God its due. Whether it has “better” personal and societal implications is a value judgement, and may be different for different people. Like, I am pretty liberal and progressive in my ethical framework. I think this is good. My view of God supports this, as it emphasises morality as inbuilt - I can listen to my conscience to discern right and wrong on the whole.

Meanwhile, someone else might think my liberal and progressive view point is immoral, and so are actually not “better” at all. It may lead to more peace and tolerance, but less social cohesion. It may lead to more acceptance, but what if we begin accepting things that are objectively wrong and destructive to ourselves?

I am thinking a big part of it is the locus - where is God viewed as being located: is God something that can be accessed internally, or is God only truly external. Do you live feeling intimately connected to your source, or do you live feeling beholden to an external divine Person?

And then there are the obvious moral consequences - Are you motivated through an internally discerned morality, or via an imposed law? Clearly our earthly system involves a recognition for the need of an externally imposed law, and we see that as good, and better than just letting everyone make up their own minds about what is right… so… does it therefore follow that when it comes to God it would be the opposite? And if it is externally imposed, are we obligated to police it in others?

As someone who doesn’t think of God as an invisible person as such, I don’t tend to agree with this inflexible rule book idea, but for someone whose life has been rocky, who has been exposed, and taught, that violence is a natural part of communication, that you must fend for yourself and take what you need, and that you are of no worth, then maybe to find a religion where you are told there is somebody who loves and values you immensely, and this is how to live your life to please him, and for your own good… it can transform your life. Whereas, for someone who is gay and who is told their very nature is against the rules, it can be super damaging. So… perhaps what is an unhelpful way to view God for one person is a life-saving way to view God for someone else.

BUT. Then we need to ask… does it matter what is most helpful? Or does it matter what is true? Personally, I reckon we can’t really know for sure either way, so may as well go with the thing that uplifts and consoles you most, the thing that makes you grow as a person. But then again, that is something someone with my view of God would be more likely to say. XD

I hope you all enjoyed my TED talk.


Oh, I didn’t respond to this!

Allow me to bore you with my special topic. XD Opened the can of worms now…

Study in Theology/Divinity includes, but is not limited to:

Church history - how the church developed over different periods, including the Reformation for example
History, Memory and Story - the significance of story for meaning making in our personal lives and our communal lives
Biblical languages - Greek or Hebrew, maybe Latin or Aramaic
Philosophy of religion - rational justification for religion, including many topics such as “theodicy” (addressing the problem of evil - why does evil exist)
Biblical studies - the purpose of each of the books of the Bible, different interpretations, the cultures in which they were written, the original source texts, exegesis, eisegesis.
Natural theology - how we can use reason to discern God
Theology - the study of God, using reason, revelation and the writings of great thinkers from the past. Includes some super interesting ancient texts where God (YHWH) had a wife, and was not the only god - monolatrous roots (worshiping one god) rather than monotheist (one god exists). Very cool to see that development.
Christology - who was the person of Christ, different interpretations, different cultural perspectives
Trinitarian Theology - why Christianity believes in a Trinity, and what that means
Liturgy - how to run church services, etc, both new formats and traditional
Ethics - different frameworks and approaches
Key People - such as saints and mystics, or more modern people whose faith led them to play a significant role, like Bonhoeffer.
Monasticism - the history, purpose and value of monastic life
Atheism - yep, spent a semester reading Harris and Dawkins and Hume, etc.
Christian Contemplative Practices - prayer, silence, Lectio Divina etc.
Christian Spiritualities and Charisms - Learning about Ignatian spirituality, Franciscan spirituality, Benedictine spirituality, etc.
Doctrine - What the church teaches and why it came to those conclusions over the centuries, looking at the difference church councils over the centuries. Also looking at heresy - ideas the church rejected - and why they were not accepted by the church, or why some ideas were accepted by some parts of the church and not others, schisms etc.
Eschatology - theories about the final destination of the soul
Soteriology - theories of salvation

I will put all the worms back in their can now.
So! How about dem eye balls? :eyes:


I seriously did! I hope we can read your thesis too when it is finished :slight_smile:

I think what is really interesting, that while obviously animals don’t care about our ethics, many times they show more humane behaviour than us. Yes, they will kill another animal without a second thought when needed (either for food or because of protection), but nor humans. And animals don’t hunt for fun, don’t torture for fun. Or how most animal respect even other species children (well… except when they are the food part). Also usually when it’s about aggression it only last until the matter is settled. For example if there is a … “mating disagreement” as soon as one of them retreats the other won’t chase him and beat him to death. Same for territorial behaviour: they won’t chase the intruder down after they left the area.
Of course there are some exception thought interestingly mostly in highly intelligent mammals (chimpanzee and bottle nose dolphins) and in animals who have close relation with humans (dogs and cats).
So what I want to say that while yes, the consensus is that we need a human imposed rule and/or law system, nature clearly shows that it may not be as necessary or as effective as it seems. Which I think suggests that there has to be some other forces playing role behind the scene.


You are a glutton for punishment! Haha! If you would like to read it when it is finished, you are welcome to.

Yes, it is interesting. We think of ourselves as the higher beings, and yet our behaviour can be the worst. But as you point out, similar things are played out in other species of high intelligence… what is is about intelligence that can lead to these behaviours? Hmm… I wonder if it is to do with our story-making tendencies… Or perhaps our ability to project possible future outcomes… If you don’t keep chasing that invader down, they may come back - maybe even while you are asleep! Better make sure he can never come back ever.

So if intelligence leads to these sorts of evils… is intelligence even good?


Yes, I assume it plays a role, and I think both has the same roots. And “projecting to the past” also “helps” (those invaded in the past, so although they are far from our territory currently, but let’s make sure they won’t attempt again).

What is also interesting that such behaviour can be even considered virtuous, especially in the past, eg.: taking revenge for a death of a family member.

If intelligence is not good then thinking about if intelligence is good or not is also not good? :smiley:


Correct. Therefore, scrolling social media is the only true good to which we can aspire.


Oh boy, sooo not touching that “can of worms” here!
Anywho, glad you are starting to get around Gem and it’s good to see you on the forum again. Don’t be too discouraged about having lost a bit of progress (if you even have, guess we will hear back on that) EM is always there to come back to. You certainly have plenty on your plate at the moment, just letting better vision habits like not wearing your distance correction during close up and shifting focus should keep you level till you can get back to actively seeking gainz.


Sensible. I’m not a fan of internet debates. A waste of energy, on the whole. Conversations and differences of opinion take a whole different character when they can be had in person over a cup of tea and a laugh.

Hmmm. Well, I have hardly worn my glasses at all. In fact, I can’t even find them. XD So am wearing my next pair when I do occasionally go out, but I can assure you they are not strong enough. As for the shifting focus… I have definitely not done enough of that.


One day we might do this yet :smiley:

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Well maybe up your game there then, but otherwise I expect you will be alright vision wise; certainly healing in the leg is the priority. Maybe weather permitting hubby can set you up outdoors some days and you can work on your thesis with a better view :blush:

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I truly hope so! That would be wonderful <3

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Neat term. This is definitely what I prescribe to. I recognize many but only worship my lord and savior Jakey

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Good to hear. Do you have exercises to do or physio sessions to attend? You’ll have to face and resolve the duct tape at one point I’m afraid. :grimacing:
(The other reason for hanging around on the forum after hitting no glasses was my knee injury last year - ligaments gone forever plus some meniscus damage and bone fracture, etc. Had 6 months with mostly elevated leg and 15 months of intense physio but was worth every minute of it.)
Hope you’ll heal well :muscle:

But well done on progressing with your thesis. I never had issues with studying and exams but delivering my masterpieces by deadline was always an extreme challenge. Keep up with the good work!
Yeah, view from window is supporting… :confounded:

I think you have always had enough hints and clues in the videos. Though I’m unsure about the exact church / religion.

I think we did. Thanks for sharing.

Take good care of yourself and rest assured that your weekly videos are still more weekly than a certain Beard’s daily videos are daily :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was good to hear from you :hugs: Glad I knocked on the door :blush:


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