General situation + state of confusion

Hello Jake/ Hello All,

So this is my current situation:

Average cm for 3 days: L: 16 cm (-6.25) R: 15.2 (-6.60) (mostly taken at a desklight, but on average natural light seem to give same results).
Current glasses: L (-6.75) R (-7.00)
Differentials: L(-5.75) R(-5.75 - have ordered a slightly stronger one to balance to -6.00)
Current lenses: L(-6.00) R(-6.00)
Snellen (done once) 3M indoor L:9 R: 9
6M indoor L: DEF R: DEF
3M outdoor L: 11 R:11 (clear, just too small to read)
3M outdoor L: FDPLT R: FDPLT

Since the last optometrist visit which was yesterday plus a whole bunch of close up work, my eyesight seems super tired and I seem to have less distance vision. I tried to do a snellen this morning but my eyes seemed fatigued. He did a whole bunch of tests, and according to him, I would be better off with a L -7.00 and R -7.25 with a +0.80 progressive correction on the outer edges of the glass.

I wouldn’t agree with him, but I have been getting slight headaches and discomforts in my left eye + plus headaches on the left side of my head, even though the left eye seems to be the one that sees best. When I wear my lenses, my right eye is slightly under corrected so maybe the left is working a little too much? What do you guys think? that means I would also have to lower my lenses and jump down to -6.50 (they don’t have -6.25).

I am also doing close up work now with +1.00 glasses over my -6.00 lenses, and switching between my glasses and differentials. Even though my eyes are tired today, it seems to usually be ok (my usual working laptop distance is about 60cm).

Last thing, I have noticed that when I spend a day with my glasses, my eyes get really fatigued, even though I use differentials for close up.



Laptop work is a real killer.
The different text sizes on the screen force you to look closer to the screen and then your eyes get worse. Close-up active focus is hard work and I would forget about doing it all the time.
I would do distance active focus after 30 minutes to make sure the eyes are not strained.

If you have the problem with different text sizes, which force you to lean closer to your screen, you can use a magnifier tool to zoom into the screen instead of looking closer. This could be of course annoying, depends on how much you would need to do it, but that way your close-up distance would stay the same and you would not have hyperopic defocus and stay at the blurry distance.

You should make sure, that you know 100% what your 20/20 vision is.
I would not want to trust anyone’s measurements and test it myself on snellen at 6 meters with a test lens kit or take the snellen to a lens shop and use their test lens kit, if they allow to do it.
Otherwise you can visit several eye doctors or lens shops and compare their test results.
If you do not want to deal with anybody, like me, you should buy a test lens kit for home use. The device EyeQue VisionCheck is also very helpful to find out your astigmatism data.

And you need to choose the right diopters for your distances so you can do active focus. If you use plus glasses for close up it is even easier to try which are the right ones, because they are very cheap.

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You must choose the right diopters, so both eyes have a similar clarity and do clear up blur.
If only one eye clears up and the other not, of course you can get headaches.

Hm maybe search somewhere else for the -6.25, I think you need it only for R. I would recommend Biofinity lenses because of the “more air for eyes”

Your right eye needs 0.25 more diopters than your left eye, do not use the same diopters for both eyes, because then only your left eye will do all the work and you can get headaches.
Improve your vision first a few times, later you can work on the balance.

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Hello Tony, thanks for your answer.

I’ve actually reduced my left eye lense to -5.75, and that has solved the headache problem. I now have both eyes which are blurry but they seem equally blurry (I think I’m -0.25 under on both eyes for 20/20 vision, so will start to try and practice active focus. Will try a Snellen just to check.

Regarding the optmotestrists, yes I’ve tried a few and the numbers varies all the time…

I found some, but they seem to be multi focal (for people with presbyopia). Would that do the trick if I order them with low presbyopia or would that mess up my eye?

do not buy multi focal.
what about this website?:

In general I would advise not to use contact lenses at all, because of a lot risks.
But choice is yours.

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Haven’t tried monthly in a while…but let’s go. Thanks Tony!

Yes, it’s too sad that the Biofinity seem to have such a “modern technology”, that it would be a waste to produce them for just daily use.
I stopped wearing contact lenses all the time, but Biofinity were my last lenses, which an eye doctor recommended, because my eyes were already red because of not having “enough air to breathe”.
Now I wear only rarely contact lenses and because of that I need to use cheap daily lenses.
By the way just noticed there are “Biofinity Energys”, which seem to give even more air to the eyes and the “digital zone optics”-feature sounds to me like, maybe preventing hyperopic defocus. Maybe plus-glasses would be not needed or with lower diopters. Maybe worth to try it out.

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So they would be like those integrated differential glasses where the center is the right diopter and all around the edges is -0.8 under…have you tried those? An optometrist just suggested those to me.

No I never tried such lenses. I wonder how they work. I think it could be something like a compromise solution, but compromise could be not good, maybe the price for the compromise is less contrast or something. You can try. Watch out about return policy. Most shops offer a 30 day money-return policy, so you can give them back, if they suck.