Getting outside

So one of my goals I have set for my endmyopia journey is to go outside more. Get my eyes some natural light and practice distance vision. 2 hours every day is the current goal. In summer…EASY, I walk my dog twice a day, ride my bike daily, or just go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. In winter…STRUGGLING. It’s cold and I do not like the cold. Neither does my dog, we have that in common. Still not sure why I wasn’t born in sunny California. It’s snowing here and today (the warmest day of the week) has a high of 18 degrees. So one thing I’ve been doing is sitting in my garage with the door open and a little heater nearby. Also I’ve been sitting in my car with a window open and my heat blasting. Trying to think of other creative and warm ideas for getting outside more. P.S. If I didn’t have my current job, which I like, I would for sure be looking at moving to a warmer state!


Those are wonderful goals! Totally get it about cold weather! We moved to a warmer province a few years back which helps. -20c at the coldest compared to weeks at -30 c or below!!!
I recently started a plan with my children. The goal is to get 1000 hours outside in a year. Factoring in sick days or ugly weather it would translate into 3 hours a day. Summer time will be no problem (Im sure we will get way more than that!) but in winter it is tricky!

We try to do an outdoor walk/hike as a family once a week and are slowly learning how to cross country ski and do a lot of tobogganing with the kiddos. Up until this point I have worn contacts but plan to move back to exclusively glasses to make progress easier. I haven’t tobogganed with glasses yet. Honestly…that’s one of the biggest drawbacks in winter as glasses so easily get fogged up or make higher impact activities harder to do. That and having 3 rough and tumble boys can sometimes be a recipe for mama’s glasses going flying or being knocked into my face (ouch!).


It really is challenging to find outside activities to do in the winter (that are enjoyable). I tried skiing a couple of weeks ago with some friends, we were outside for a good 5 hours, but I did not enjoy skiing at all! It was exhausting and frustrating. And I agree with you on glasses fogging up when you’re trying to do cold outdoor activities. Hope you and your boys have fun with all of your outdoor activities. Hopefully your glasses will survive!

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Yes it is! I havent been skiiing for about 10 years. Its on my list of things to try again but I havent yet. Have you tried snowshoeing? We’d like to give that a try as well.

Oh man, skiing wore me out. But I’m also not in the greatest shape lol. I just looooove summer activities. Winter depresses me a little. Sledding is pretty much the only winter activity I enjoy so far. No I’ve never tried snowshoeing. I’ve actually never heard of it. I just googled it though and it looks better than skiing, I may have to give it a try!

haha! Ive never tried it either but its on the list of things to do once our youngest is more mobile by himself. We do way more in summer as well! Moving to the mountains has opened up a whole new level of activity for us which we really enjoy!

well in the winter it’s difficult to be outside it’s too cold and my face will freeze but if I put a scarf on my face to stay warm, then my glasses fog up. So what I do is I just stare out the window for 3 hours and I have a podcast playing the background or YouTube videos ,it sounds boring but it’s better than freezing outside in cold and getting foggy glasses


Yes! I agree. And I truly dislike the cold. I do look out the window quite a bit, but I also want to go out and get fresh air sometimes. So I’m hoping to find some outdoor activities that I can enjoy so I can get some nice fresh air too.

I’m struggling too. Winter is a bad time of year for me. I do spend as much time as possible near bright windows and as often as I can motivate to I bundle up and go outside for a bit, But I have pretty well accepted that I am going to plateau every winter and only improve for about half of each year… Because of my location I think the best I can hope for is below average annual gainz. But any gainz is still better than in the 25 years before EM. So even though it is frustrating, keeping that perspective helps.


Any gains is better than nothing! Lately I’ve been relaxing in my car listening to podcasts and practicing my distance vision since it’s Super cold out. That’s been working pretty well for me. Once the weather gets above freezing I expect to be able to take some 30 minute walks (fully bundled up of course). I cannot wait for Summer though!